Street Fighter Preview - C. Viper

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Crimson Viper was first introduced in Street Fighter 4. Using an assortment of integrated gadgets to enhance her fighting style is a key motif of her style, despite the usual rule of the World Warrior tournament not allowing weapons. Our take on C. Viper is sure to make you feel like you have an unfair advantage in combat!


Key Design Idea: Customizable Attacks

With C. Viper, you should make sure to pay as much attention to her Boost effects as to the attacks. Whenever she plays a Continuous Boost, she can follow up with an attack, effectively adding new properties to any of her strikes at the cost of the extra card. This tactic means she requires little setup to be threatening in any situation. On the other hand, this rushdown strategy is very intensive in terms of cards, and C.Viper is constantly looking for ways to quickly replenish her hand.


Not only are C. Viper's attacks improved by boosts, but many of them require boosts in play to be viable. This makes C. Viper very vulnerable when she's playing on the defensive.

Hidden Weapons, the Boost on Emergency Combination, is a great example of the "Battery Boosts" found on many cards in Street Fighter Exceed. Since fighters need Gauge to trigger their Criticals, just about every fighter has a way to make Gauge outside of just hitting the opponent.


Like other boost-focused fighters, C. Viper has a lot of hand-fixing and discard-fixing effects to make sure she can hit the combinations of cards that she needs. Her higher-risk cards, like the Temple Massage, can be mitigated using her unique ability to add extra Speed or Guard, and can be used as a payoff to end a match, or as a tempo recovery to replenish her hand. 


Hand size is something that C. Viper needs to constantly be thinking about. Her Stylish boost allows you to get some quick cards, but you'll probably want to follow it up with a very safe attack or a block, or risk retaliation. You could also follow it up with a Tech (Discard a Boost from play, found on the Normal Attack "Dive")!


I hope you've enjoyed this look at C. Viper! Look out for another fighter next week!

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