Street Fighter Preview - Sagat

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Sagat is a well-rounded powerhouse that has been a recurring villain since his first appearance in Street Fighter. The archetypical bully, Sagat attacks from a position of greater size, speed, power, and confidence than his opponents, pummeling them into submission with an oppressive suite of attacks.


Key Design Idea:


Sagat’s character ability lets him play cards face-up when initiating an attack to gain increased speed. This is mainly useful for the Normal Attacks, where breaking the speed curve on-demand can make many attacks unbeatable.

Sagat’s other attacks, such as the Tiger Uppercut play with this paradigm a bit. The Armor is great if your opponent is going faster, but if you raise the speed, you increase the range of attacks which could feasibly retaliate against the attack.


Tiger Shots are a huge part of Sagat’s gameplay, and so he has two projectiles, the Tiger Shot and the Low Tiger Shot. The normal shot is faster, but not spammable, while the low shot is slower and pushes opponents backwards on hit, resetting Sagat’s ranged position.


Due to his high reach, Sagat likes to keep his opponents at range 4-5, where he can safely throw Tiger Shots and make the most of the speed-curve advantage afforded by his character ability.

Tiger Cannon is a great way to reset a ranged trap against your opponent, especially since it gives Advantage, which Sagat can turn into a +1 Speed advantage. If you’ve been following the projectile meta in these previews, you’ll notice that a +1 Speed Tiger Cannon beats just about every other ranged attack in the game, making Sagat the most fearsome ranged fighter so far in Exceed!


I hope you've enjoyed this look at Sagat! Look out for another fighter next week!

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