Street Fighter Preview - Ryu

Street Fighter Exceed is coming to stores in January 2019! You can pre-order your copy from our online store and get our store-exclusive Street Fighter Exceed playmat as part of the pre-release bundle! Look out for a new fighter preview each week as we prepare for the game's release!


Ryu is the iconic Street Fighter, embodying everything the series stands for. In designing this fighter, we wanted to capture a well-rounded fighting style. With lots of potential for mixups and surprises built on top of great foundation, Ryu is fun to play and interesting to play against.


Key Design Idea - Setup and Retaliation

Ryu has a lot of fast attacks with great hit confirm, especially once he starts tapping into his Critical Triggers. His character ability provides cheap mobility, allowing him to build his position while setting up for a great counterattack. 

Ryu's Shoryuken and Metsu Shoryuken punish an opponent for initiating an attack within their ranges, giving him extra breathing room and making rushdown fighters think twice about charging in.


Ryu's attacks are generally effective, but some work best at specific ranges due to their own effects or the speed curve of the Normal Attacks. This builds upon his theme of setting up preferred ranges with his UA while building a stronger tempo position than his opponent.


Making a Hadoken that was spammable but not abusable was a big design challenge of Street Fighter Exceed. You'll see variations of this card's template throughout the season, as most Street Fighter character have a fireball in one form or another. Look out for them and compare them with one another to see how we’ve made ranged game a big part of this season’s signature gameplay.

Ryu has the option of a normal and a fast Hadoken, which can make things uncertain for opponents who plan to run forward with an Assault or jump over with a Dive.


I hope you've enjoyed this look at Ryu! Look out for another fighter next week!

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