2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift? Here are some suggestions!

We’ve put together a list of some of our greatest and most accessible titles of 2018. Check it out!

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Need a Quick Gift? - Pixel Tactics

Fans of classic video games and strategic card games will love Pixel Tactics! The game is small and lightweight, but packs a ton of strategy into each card. With 25 different heroes and leaders to choose from, no two games will ever play out the same. At only $15, it makes a great stocking stuffer!

Pixel Tactics is available with traditional fantasy heroes, or featuring the robot masters of Mega Man!

Pixel Tactics
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Mega Man Pixel Tactics
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For Serious Gamers - Millennium Blades

Millennium Blades is a board game about a group of friends who play a collectible card game, which is also called Millennium Blades!

If you want a perfect gift for a recovering CCG addict, look no further. Millennium Blades gives you the complete experience of buying, selling, trading, collecting, and deckbuilding. It’s all in one box, and all plays out in about 2-3 hours (depending on player count). The game is full of fun tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture, card games, anime, television, and all the other great, nerdy things we know and love!

Millennium Blades
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For Competitive Types - Exceed and BattleCON

Many gamers play to win, and for those, our competitive head-to-head games are some of the best-known and most-loved in the world!

BattleCON approaches the martial arts/dueling genre from a board game perspective, with zero randomness and a variety of characters with incredible variety of fighting styles. Connect cards to form custom special moves and outwit your foes! (2 Players, 30 minutes)

EXCEED scratches the itch of a battle card game, imagined as a pure 1-vs-1 fighting game. Each fighter has a wide selection of attacks, defenses, and options to build their strategy. Activate your Exceed Mode to unleash your full power! (2 Players, 30 minutes)

BattleCON: War
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For Social Gamers - Witch Hunt and NOIR

If you find yourself playing host to big parties, or if you know someone who does, deduction games can be a great icebreaker!

Witch Hunt is a competitive social deduction game where everyone gets a special character, and death isn’t the end! It plays 7-20 players, but really gets good in the 11+ range.

If you’re hosting smaller groups, NOIR provides deductive gameplay for 2, 3, or 4 players, and takes only moments to set up and teach.

Noir Automata
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Witch Hunt
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Starting a Collection? - Minigame Library 2018

For the gamer who is just getting started, or who wants a little bit of everything, it’s hard to find a better deal than the Minigame Library Bundle. Each of the six items in the library is its own, complete game, so you can give them as one or split them up easily.

All of these games are appropriate for all ages, and designed with both kids and adults in mind.

  • Tomb Trader - Negotiate with other players to score the most treasure as you escape from a collapsing temple! (3-6 Players, 15 minutes)

  • Sellswords Olympus - Use mythical creatures and heroes to flip tiles and gain control of the board! (2 Players, 30 minutes)

  • I Can’t Even with these Monsters - A reverse drafting game with a simple rule–the player with the highest odd-numbered score wins! (3-6 Players, 30 minutes)

  • Anansi and the Box of Stories - Choose your favorite animal and use their power to capture cards. But watch out, as the strong can be the easiest to trick! (3-6 Players, 45 minutes)

  • Professor Treasure’s Secret Sky Castle - Send out your team of treasure hunters to claim treasures in the shifting castle maze! (2 Players, 45 minutes)

  • Temporal Odyssey - A duel between battling time travelers, reminiscent of Pokemon and Hearthstone! Sift the timelines for powerful allies and pit them against one another in an action-packed brawl. (2 or 4 Players, 45 minutes).

Minigame Library 2018 Bundle
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In addition to what you’ve seen here, there’s plenty more in our catalog! Why not browse for yourself and see what gifts are right for the gamer in your life?