Exceed Season 3 - Street Fighter - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Exceed Season 3, now available!

It's been tough to keep quiet for the past year as we developed Season 3 of Exceed, and today I'm excited to finally break that silence. Behold!

Street Fighter Exceed is now available on our webstore! - Feb 2019


Exceed Season 3 will feature twelve fighters from Capcom's illustrious fighting game franchise, Street Fighter!

We're working together once again with Jasco Games, who helped us with Mega Man Pixel Tactics and Exceed's first season, Red Horizon, to finally bring Street Fighter to Exceed!


Here's a quick look at the cast of these three games!


In addition to these three boxes, stores will be able to order free demo decks featuring Ryu vs. Ken to share with customers and teach the game. You can score some of these demo decks from us at conventions as well, or ask your store to order them for you from our distribution partners!

Season Mechanic - Critical

Based loosely on Street Fighter V's V-Trigger mechanic, cards in Street Fighter Exceed possess Critical triggers. When setting an attack, any Street Fighter character can commit one Gauge to activate all of the Critical Triggers on that attack. This may reveal a little bit about the nature of the attack, but also upgrades it into a kind of half-super with devastating potential. 

To support this mechanic, fighters in this season possess above-average gauge generation abilities, and their Ultra Attacks are often cheaper than the norm.


Fighter Previews Coming Soon!

In the coming weeks, we'll share previews of each of these twelve fighters, some of their cards, and developer insights on how we crafted their various fighting strategies to bring their gameplay from Street Fighter into Exceed!

If your favorite Street Fighter isn't on this list, don't despair–we have more plans with this series to announce next year!

Pre-Order Available!

Each of the three boxes in this season will contain 4 fighters, and each will retail at $29.95!

Pre-order the bundle from our online store to get these games a little early, along with an exclusive Street Fighter Exceed Playmat for $99.95!

Pre-orders should ship in January 2019, as soon as the games arrive in our warehouse!

Exceed: Street Fighter (Season 3 Bundle)
99.95 119.95

Exceed Season 3 features fighters from Capcom's illustrious fighting game franchise, Street Fighter!

Contains 3 boxes, each featuring 4 fighters for a total of 12 playable characters, and a woven-edge play mat exclusive to the Level 99 Games Online Store! The mat is 24”x14”.

The playmat features a woven edge designed to prolong the life of the mat and make for a smoother playing experience.

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