Indines In-Depth: Gar, Guide to the Six Paths

Welcome to Indines In-Depth, where we give you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, we’re featuring Gar, Guide to the Six Paths!



“Master Gorm said that a Guide can only show you the Paths. You must walk them yourself.”


Abandoned in the Jeffrean jungles at a young age, Gar was found and raised by a group of monks. These monks trained in the Six Paths style - an ancient form of martial arts scholars believe was the basis for every martial art in Indines. She lived with these monks for many years, learning the ways of the Six Paths.

One fateful day, a bandit stole what little the group had and ran off with them. Gar gave chase, despite the monk’s warnings against it. She was able to track down the bandit, beating them up and returning what they stole. Later that night, as she was collecting firewood as punishment, she heard a huge explosion coming from the cave where she and the monks lived. She returned to find out she was too late, the bandit she had struck down had returned to destroy the cave, burying themselves and all of the monks with it. Life had shown her a new path, one without the teachings of her masters to guide her.

10 Facts About Gar

1. Gar trained under three Guides: Saiz, Uren, and Gorm. Her heavy dependence on others and constant questions made Saiz and Uren eventually refuse to teach her further.

2. She was too young to remember anything about her parents and has no desire to find them.

3. Her name comes from the sound she made when the monks first found her. She guesses she was probably trying to scare them away.

4. The stone on Gar’s back is what remains of the Guidepost - a wall of cave paintings detailing the original paths followed by the founders of the style. She carries it with her not as a reminder of her training, but because Guide Gorm told her to always keep her back straight.

5. As she was unable to learn the correct form for the third path, she uses a sling to replicate its effects.

6. Gar has zero aptitude for magic, thus her inability to learn the third path. She believes that magic users must be using some form of deception or advanced technology that she hasn’t figured out yet.

7. She has an excellent memory, which she uses to remember all of her Guides’ teachings. She believed that everything her Guides told her was a form of lesson, so she has developed a few strange habits and routines.

8. A Guide is the term given to a master of the Six Paths. As Gar is the only practicing member of the Six Paths left, she is a Guide by default. She does not believe she deserves this title, and strives to master all six Paths to earn it.

9. The Six Paths are a set of 6 forms that are meant to be tempered by your experiences, resulting in a unique style suited to each person. 

10. The first train she saw was an Afterworld Express model, so she believes all trains are soul-stealing monsters. She has managed to derail 3 trains so far.  


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Lore Section: Ithry (Joshua Van Laningham)
Gameplay section: Daniel Honig & Marco De Santos