Andrus Reveal - The Royal Bodyguard


Hello, Backers!

Today’s preview is our second stretch goal character – Andrus. The Royal Bodyguard uses two special tokens to power up his attacks, different Blade Tokens with unique effects that cycle with his attack pair just like Vanaah’s. This gives him some extra flexibility, though many of his Styles only provide their best effects if he uses them with a Blade.

Let’s jump right in!


Rimehazard’s abilities are both generally useful. Extra Range is something just about everyone wants, and its On Hit helps him trade up against heavyweights who plan to go slower. His Priority spread is nothing to write home about, so it’s mostly an anti-Heavy tool.

Demonclaw also benefits from going first, but not as much. This Blade does best as long as he hits, using its extra Power to grind out extra damage and get some slight Priority bumps for his troubles as well.



His Unique Base, Slash, is very similar to Vanaah’s. It’s generally a consistent Base (with lots of 3s on it) and good at delivering Blades to the opponent’s face. The On Hit sneaks him an extra Priority next beat, or extra Soak for trading up. Other than that, nothing to write home about.


Hacking is a simple style, buffing his defenses if he anted Blades and helping him get some distance. Because of that, it’s best with Demonclaw – that way he can save Rimehazard for next beat when he’s got the extra range gap.


Retrieval’s got similar range-making, but instead it has an On Hit that lets him grab back Blades a beat earlier. Note that retrieving a Blade from Discard 2 is generally pointless, so it’s mainly going to be picking from Discard 1.


Flourishing is a dangerous Style for his opponents, since it’s got a tricky auto-dodge. Flourishing Burst can dodge Drives that would sneak into your minrange, while Flourishing Strike can beat a lot of Range 2 plays if you anted Demonclaw. Be careful with Rimehazard, because the extra Range it gives you makes you vulnerable to extra spaces!


Another trading Style, Diving is effectively a +4 Power style when you can get past the opponent. This makes opponents want to corner themselves or otherwise mess with your movement, so be careful! It also doesn’t hit at Range 1 because of the advance, so use your After Activating retreats on other styles to set up a good dive in order to win some beats.


Twin is just a general goodstuff card, similar to Diving but with better effective range (and easier to manipulate) but without the -3 Power penalty it can offer. Works well with Rimehazard for ridiculous effective Range, and some Soak as a bonus when you hit.


His Finishers are both generally useful but nothing terrifying. Flash Cutter lets you ante any Blades you’ve got because unless you get stunned you’ll get them right back – which ends up at a solid stat line of up to 1~3/7/4 with a bunch of Stun Guard and some On Hit bonuses.

Dancing Blade is harder to land but much faster, and can sneak in a 3~4/6/7 hit that also lets you reposition.


We hope you enjoy playing Andrus! He’s not a terribly complex character but managing his Blades can be very interesting and he has dangerous tools to mess with both heavyweights and speedsters alike. For people who want a simple character that can manipulate tokens and be useful at various Ranges, he may be a comfortable and very effective choice.

Thanks for reading!

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Content - Daniel Honig

Editing - Marco De Santos