Bonus Character Preview - Victor; Master of Terror


Hello everyone, and welcome to the last day of the campaign!

As the campaign draws to its close, here’s a preview of a character who you’ll be seeing with the rest of the Wanderers cast – but whose art isn’t quite as far along as the rest of the crew. Here’s the “boss character” from Wanderers: Victor, the Master of Terror!


Victor is an escalation character who escalates much slower than others, but with a much more even-handed approach to his escalation. His Transgression cards give him modest bonuses, and some characters basically guarantee he’ll get a few… but the question is, since they’re played face-up, are you willing to play your typical gameplan if it gives him a permanent buff?


All of the Transgressions are good (and we may be changing the Priority ties one), but Transgression 3 is particularly notable. Most escalation characters have very limited access to Soak, but once he reaches midgame he can become much harder to kill by shaving a bit of damage off every hit he takes – and then every Transgression after is incredibly scary for the opponent.

But how does he get these? Let’s see…


Tread Carefully and Mind Your Manners are the simplest pair of Suggestions, and the easiest to get – at least one of them, depending on enemy archetype, is generally going to be worth breaking. Note that they’re always active during the beat, so low-Power characters like Gaspar could still trigger Mind Your Manners with something like Bladestorm’s On Hit Power gain.


There is No Escape and Leaving So Soon are Dodge/Burst disruption, as well as extra leeway against control characters. Versus characters who don’t violate many Transgressions his End of Beat: Move 1 is usually invaluable, and these two are extremely useful against defensive opponents who want to make range against him.

We’re Not So Different, You And I has a constant shift to it because of his Styles. The obvious choices are playing beats when the opponent can’t easily hit you after you’ve used Drive and Shot, or threatening a big hit after you Dodge and seeing what they do, but it also lets you try and go fast twice because Grasp or Drive probably won’t be played against you if you threaten a Transgression on it.

And speaking of his Styles…

Confident is a scary Style. The leeway on moving is often worse than the +2 Power you’d gain if they don’t move, but it makes it harder to avoid even if you do take the Power penalty. Simple and reliable is the name of the game for Victor’s styles, and this sums it up quite nicely.


Lost is a Bizarro-Lure, with massive range and respectable stats. However, the fact you’ll probably always get hit means that it’s best as a setup tool. Combined with his End of Beat movement on Transgression 1, this gives him a lot of control over board positioning…


…Which is important, because Spooked heavily relies on that. Spooked is best when you are in the corner and the opponent is close-ish to you, giving a maximum of Soak 5 if you can deal with the Minrange. Unfortunately, be careful of Grasp because it can ruin your day!


Safe is a traditional counterattack Style (and will probably go down to -1 Priority on further testing), hitting up to +2 or even +3 with his Transgression 4 active. While the rest of his cards hold up well against brawlers and some heavyweights, Safe is an important tool to deal with speedsters.


And lastly, Ready gives him a versatile answer to a lot of opposing threats. It often has just the Stun Guard (the opponent can ante Force Priority to try and sneak above 3) but in a pinch, that’s totally fine. When they’re setting up for a bit hit, a flexible Start of Beat retreat can be invaluable.


? is an interesting card. The On Hit will probably be changed as testing continues, but the Before Activating is where a lot of its power comes in – this thing has massive Range once you’ve gotten your Transgressions rolling, making it excellent at closing out games. The On Hit basically guarantees you a Transgression or won beat, at the cost of forcing more of your Suggestions into discard.


Thrill of a Lifetime is a fairly standard power-up Finisher, giving you a useful effect stapled to a quick Ignore Stun Guard hit. With Transgression 4 this thing cranks up to 1~2/4/7, making it a solid game closer as well! Setting Suggestions mysteriously can push his Transgression level up very quickly, but don’t forget your opponent does get to see what you have left (and not in discard).


Stroke of Midnight is basically Fortune Buster, but for Victor’s UA. Once the count starts, this card makes it very clear that opponents should avoid triggering a Suggestion – if you can corner an opponent so Dodge would force them to move past, or if you are scared of a high-Priority hit and the opponent still hasn’t flipped that Suggestion, Stroke of Midnight can be an instant game ender.