BattleCON Unleashed Fanwork Showcase - Week 6

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Hey, everyone! In this special post-Kickstarter update, we show-off a few more of the fanworks that were submitted to our stretch goals! We would like to thank EVERYONE for their wonderful contributions! Hopefully, you’ll get to see more of them in the Grand Chronicle!

I would like to personally thank you all for being awesome. It’s been a blast looking through all your submissions. You’re all so creative and rad!

Final fanfic.png

The Death of Rozenfel Malephaise One by ARBco

Reliquary agents César and Endrbyt have a centuries-long assignment to collect mystical and dangerous artifacts. But when seeking out an ancient daemonic artifact, they have a dilemma they've never encountered before - and hope never to again.

ARBco ascribes the death of a certen Malephaise! Do we know who they are? READ HERE!

The Only Escape by Alexander Kermani

BattleCON: Unleashed submission (about my favorite character). Go easy on me.

Another Malephaise story? They’re awfully popular this week! Alexander gives us a story about one of their favorite characters (possibly an origin story?) READ HERE.


Sir Blobington Has An Interesting Day by Austin Lehrer

A day in the life of Sir Blobington, from the perspective of the Blob himself.

I had to pick this one because I’m a programmer and because I do have a soft spot for the little Blob guy. Read-up on the life of a “living” computer! READ HERE.

Final Fanart.png

Giant Paperwork by Blook Mook

Sometimes visiting other kingdoms on diplomatic business can reveal a few shortcomings in their accommodation of giants. - Blook Mook

clive is gonna start a riot - Jessica Malcolm(1).png

Orianha by Daniel Zeiger

Orianha (that's Oriana +Piranha), part of a series of fan "art" which also included Coralyn Ross, a Vocodile, a Vocodillo, and Iaxus the Sea Sponge. - tirankin

DSC_0213 - Robert Durant.JPG

Vanaah by TKRKS

Sometime, someone’s medium is another game entirely! People are recreating our fighters in other fighting games. Appropriate.

vanaah - Trey Kester.jpg

Voco by Samuel Chew

An adorable piece of Voco art. We bet he looks smug because of all the buffs he got.

IMG_20181021_224248 - Samuel Chew.jpg

Final Cosplay.png

Jager by Coffeedragon

Coffeedragon gives us a Jager with some ambiance. Very scary!

Borneo by Shaun Cooley

Borneo finally gets that vacation he’s wanted and he’s relaxing with some snacks! Thanks Shaun!

borneo -

Final Fighter.png

Rikhi by Vi

There are lots of fighters who have resources at the start of the game, lose them over the course of the game, and have a unique base that can get them back. Rikhi takes a more extreme approach to the game, essentially setting her cards on fire if she uses them for their most powerful effects and using her unique base to do the same to her opponent. Not only can she unleash explosive attacks at the drop of an ante, but she has the unique ability to speed the game timer up by forcing beats to Recycle without playing any attack pairs. With the ability to brawl, clock, and potentially remove her opponent's Dodge from the game(!), what more could you ask for? - Vi

WeChat Screenshot_20181030180003.png

Felix by Khift

Felix is bad-mannered street thug with a penchant for gambling and violence who fights with a high-risk high-reward push your luck playstyle. Felix's Unique Ability allows him to play up to three attack pairs each beat, gaining an additional power and priority for each attack pair beyond the first, but the catch is that his opponent gets to decide which of Felix's attacks resolves after seeing what they all are. On top of that, while Felix's styles are powerful, most of them have abuseable weakness that the opponent can leverage to win beats against him.

With careful risk management and an accurate read of the opponent's options and what beats them Felix can dominate his opponents with his excellent stats and threats. On the other hand, an incautious Felix will find himself blundering from beat to beat, allowing his opponents to option select him into exactly the wrong attack pair again and again.

"Do you feel lucky, punk?" -Khift


Final Event.png

Open Games by Bryancb

Bryan hosts an open game at the student union at University of Florida every Friday night (photo is from the last duel at 2am) - Bryancb

IMG_3156 - Bryan Behl.JPG

Final Guide.png

Clash Course by tirankin

Oh no, I clashed! Wait, what's a clash? What's happening, and what should I do? I only have twenty-five seconds to decide, and now it's only twenty! Ack, now it's only fifteen!

Don't panic. Take a deep breath. Now, follow me - we'll get through this together!

The Clash Master himself gives you a clash course on clashing! Find out what to do post-clash by reading this guide! READ HERE!

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. A small introductory guide to boss battles by TobiaF (Tobia Finzi)

Disclaimer: I decided to write this guide because I couldn’t find a lot of material online about boss battles in BattleCon, so here we are. This guide derives from my experience playing as and against bosses in BattleCon, but I’m sure there are much more experienced players than me on this subreddit. Any corrections or suggestions on how to improve this guide are extremely appreciated.

TobiaF gives you the low-down on how to play the Bosses available in Devastation!: READ THE GUIDE!

BattleCON Series Pilot by Christopher W. Reynolds

But worry not: I’ve got you covered! This is the script as it stands for the pilot (which we’ll be filming with the rest of the season) which includes a fanfic surrounded fight scene, a flavor guide to both characters, some previews of the overlays we’ll be using to track the fighters’ Force gauge, the remaining beats, the title graphics for each character’s name, both character’s life bars (which we’re submitting as our video title fanart of the beat trackers, force counters, and life markers from PaperCON), and a Felix The Cat custom  character kit.

Tatsumi & Juto Guide by @cobyhectic

Right, in an effort to further the Battlecon Unleashed Kickstarter campaign, lets run down everyone's favourite Mystic/Meatshield combo - Tatsumi & Juto!

Calling Juto a “meatshield” might be mean, but it’s pretty accurate. READ IT HERE!

That’s enough showcases for this Kickstarter. Again, thank you all so much for your support and submissions. They’re all so wonderful. Apologies if your work was not featured here! I did try to feature as much as I could without being completely unreasonable. I hope your forgive me! :)

I hope to see more of the stuff that YOU can do!