BattleCON Unleashed Fanwork Showcase - Week 5

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Hey everyone! Marco here with another fanwork showcase! We’re in our last few hours so we decided to update early. If you haven’t been featured yet, don’t worry! We’ll still be showing off the cool stuff you’ve done for a bit after the project is over!

This update also shows us that (spoiler) all our social goal characters were met! So we’re getting them all. I told you there was nothing to worry about!

Every week, we’ll feature at least one fanwork in each of the six categories we have. Should there be no new submissions to a specific category, we will instead feature some older works that have been shared in the community over the past years of BattleCON’s history!

Remember, you can submit your works on THIS FORM!

Here’s the current tally of submissions, taken from the Kickstarter page. Remember that the chart takes some days to be updates, so don’t fret if you’ve submitted and don’t see a change in the chart just yet!


Final fanfic.png

Test One Hundred and Seventy One by Neil Alexander

A creature awakens and sees its creator. It waits and learns about its world before plotting to escape.

An experiment goes well. But who could this fan fiction be about? Neil Alexander provides a story with a mystery that reveals the nature of one of our characters! READ HERE!

Empty by Shaun Kerr (tA)

Magic was meant to enhance the lives of everyone. it was meant to make peoples lives easier.

In my opinion, we just made everything meaningless.

Shaun shows us the dangers of a world filled with magic (to the point that nearly everyone has it). How could things possibly go wrong? READ HERE.

Teatime by Mook Blook


A fanfic with accompanying images. Mook Blook features Eustace having a calming cup of tea. That is, until Heketch tries to ruin everything.


Overprotective by Zeru

Karin and Jager stand vigil as Marmalee visits the big city, are any of them ready for the ups and downs of city life?

Three fish out of water visit a city. With 2 werewolves and a dragon visit the suburbs, what could possibly go wrong?

Final Fanart.png

Clive is Gonna Start a Riot by Kat

The creator giveth and also taketh away. Kat graces us with her favorite character: Clive! In this image, he’s having a Cadenzaling help him with batting practice. Let’s hope he doesn’t miss!

clive is gonna start a riot - Jessica Malcolm(1).png

Marmelee Clay Figure by Robert Durant

Robert brings out characters to life with this stand-up replacement! Gives the game a more 3D feel to it, that’s for sure!

DSC_0213 - Robert Durant.JPG

Karin and Jager by @Puffkins236

@Puffkins236 shows us Karin & Jager ready for battle. The posing is great, especially under the red moonlight.

IMG_7140 - zombieknowledge.PNG

Shekhtur by parchmentEngineer

You’ve never seen a Shekhtur this cute. ParchmentEngineer engineers an adorable Shekhtur drawing for us!

IMG_20181014_090424[1] - parchment Engineer.jpg

Final Cosplay.png

Burgundy by Multiple People

You all figured it out. The easiest and best Indines character for simple cosplays! Burgundy is taking over the cosplay page and it’s actually in-game accurate (since he can make multiple copies of himself).

by Nick Kaehler

by Nick Kaehler

by Tanya Seward

by Tanya Seward

by tauontwo

by tauontwo

by Robert O'Connor

by Robert O'Connor

Xal Ezra by Heather May

Contemplative. That’s what Xal Ezra seems to be in this image. Great cosplay from Heather! They even got the pose right!

IMG_20180929_095411[1] - parchment Engineer.jpg

Final Fighter.png

Last Legs by Daniel Daniel Zeiger (tirankin)

Daniel shows-off his fight club custom: Last Legs. This character is basically BROKEN beyond belief but he’s on his last legs. He can only use each of his styles ONCE!

Last Legs.png

Zwick by junkmail

Zwick is a thrillseeker who loves getting his adrenaline pumping. This character gets resources whenever a clash occurs, but has no easy way to cause clashes (the same way Cherri does). Instead, they must capitalize on using their UB to force clashes.


Bia by ARBco

“Bia is a wrestler from Relecour who creates and benefits from clashes as she "grapples" with opponents to disrupt their plans and deal out heavy punishment! The zip file includes a full character kit with card files, tokens, standee, lore guide, and some design notes! She's undergone some revisions based on commentary and playtesting, and hopefully is shaping up pretty well.” - ARBco


Figments of Indines by Jon Silvestri

Jon goes the extra mile and submitted 11 (you read that right: ELEVEN) custom characters for their own set called Figments of Indines!


Erlenmeyer's Third Clone by TobiaF

Erlenmeyer's Third Clone is a brawler who gains stats but usually has to modify their range in order to gain them. Going faster lowers his range and getting tankier increases their range, for example. Delicate balance is needed to make this brawler/tactician work!


Final Event.png

Burgundy Brigade Meet-Up by Heather May

Nothing to see here but two Burgundys just enjoying a game against a giant Dragon. Looks like they had a deviously great time!

IMG_2561 - tauontwo.jpg

2 AM BattleCON by Brian Leahy

What do you do when you’re still up at 2 AM? Play BattleCON of course! That’s the only answer.

received_1304343393041659 - Brian Leahy.jpeg

BattleCON Freeplay at Madness by Daniel Zeiger (tirankin)

“Almost every Saturday, from about 14:30 'til midnight, I set up a table at Madness Games & Comics in Plano, Texas, with lots of L99 games ready to play! I have a host of irregulars and a handful of regulars, and my events are strictly casual (no tournaments). I invite anybody at all to pick up the games and look at them, or to ask for demos if they're interested. Come by and chill with us sometime!” - Daniel


20181013_142632 - Daniel Zeiger.jpg

Final Guide.png

Seven Basics and Match-up guide by Sentorian

Seven is first and foremost a defensive character. She is all about limiting opponent's options, shutting down their dominant strategies with a big bag of tricks, and playing safe on her way to a timeout win. She also requires a bit of forethought and planning to be comfortable with, which is why I am making this guide. The purpose of this guide is to give something of a primer for general Seven strategy and to give a jumping off point for newer players wondering what they should 'upgrade'.

Sentorian gives an in-depth guide and match-up list for everyone’s favorite Division 13 member: Seven! Find out how to win against the rest of BCO by reading the guide! READ HERE!

Sarafina "the Mixup Meister" Vanedran [Beginner's Guide] by Der_letzte_Ritter

This is a guide for noobs, by a noob, covering BattleCON Online's own teleport-happy elf. Style analysis, matchup insight, and more await the avid reader!

Der_ letzte_Ritter is a Sarafina player and wants to impart their knowledge to YOU! See how you can step-up your game here: READ THE GUIDE!

Winning Beats for Beginners by Robert Durant

This is a guide for players who have learned the basics of how to play the game and want to get better. The guide covers how to do well in the current beat. This guide does not go into planning ahead for future beats(a more advanced strategy).

We often say that winning BattleCON is mostly about winning beats. But what constitutes winning a beat? Robert tells you how to do it! READ HERE!

Strikers Guide by Cerol

It's a pocket-sized guide to the pocket-sized Strikers expansion. It covers edge cases and suggested bans, which are things largely missing from other sources and places.

Cerol looks into the Strikers expansion and talks about some strategy that goes into playing it. READ IT HERE!

That’s enough for this week! We’re in our final hours. Congratulations to all of you for unlocking EVERYONE! We’re proud to have such a great community.

If you have a work waiting to be submitted, don’t forget to submit it by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck and see you next week!