BattleCON Unleashed Fanwork Showcase - Week 4

Week 4.png

Hey everyone! Marco here with another fanwork showcase! We’re getting to the home stretch so we’re here to feature more of your awesome submissions!

Every week, we’ll feature at least one fanwork in each of the six categories we have. Should there be no new submissions to a specific category, we will instead feature some older works that have been shared in the community over the past years of BattleCON’s history!

Remember, you can submit your works on THIS FORM!

Here’s the current tally of submissions, taken from the Kickstarter page. Remember that the chart takes some days to be updates, so don’t fret if you’ve submitted and don’t see a change in the chart just yet!


Final fanfic.png

The Most Dangerous Foe by demondude7777

Hikaru prepares to face his worst foe yet...

In this story, demondude7777 shows us a fight of the ages. Hikaru faces off against a dastardly foe! Who could it be?

Finding Victory by Matthew

Six, five, four... Adelia silently counted to herself as the guard walked by. In three seconds, the guard would be out of sight and she would have one minute to work before the next guard on patrol walked by.

Matthew brings some of his own Indines characters to life in this “fan” fiction! This story features some Indines characters from the world of Argent.

BattleCONku by Haikulture

Overlord of Rock
Music will never die, but
It's better undead

-Voco Astrum

Haikulture takes a unique approach to writing fanfiction by creating haikus (as per their name) for Indines characters! We’ve featured Voco’s, but there’s much more. Just look at the link.

ARIA - A Dark and Lonely Place by Dave Arlington

ARIA discovers much on what appears to be a simple scouting mission for the [Planestalkers].

The Planestalkers definitely deserve more attention. They are, of course, an interdimensional police force. What crazy things could they possibly encounter while drifting through planes?

Final Fanart.png

Space Invader Cadenza by Robert O'Connor

Alternate skins are always a joy, especially when they look goofy. Robert took the goofiest Cadenza skin and rendered it with so much character. I would either hug this thing, or put a caption on it and make a meme. Both work.

Cadenza_20181003-030834 - Robert O'Connor.png

Young Pendros by Sullivan Boyd

Something that we rarely cover is what our characters were like when they were young. Sullivan shows us what a young Pendros might have been like growing up. I specifically love the cute cape.


BCU Poster by tauontwo

Graphic design may be our passion with this poster on the wall! Fanart comes in many forms and tauontwo shows us that one’s ability to make aesthetic choices is art in itself. Here’s a cool poster they made!


Burgundy Sidewalk Chalk by Nick Kaehler

Nick shows us that getting 100% awesome and ACCURATE art of an Indines character has a lot to do with which character you decide to make art of. Burgundy has invaded the real world and this living color is rad!

Burgandy XII sidewalk sketches - Nick Kaehler.jpg

Final Cosplay.png

Arec by Jessica Malcolm / Kat

Everyone’s “favorite” sorcerer is brought to life by one of our oldest community members. Also, Kat is dabbing in the second picture, which is 100% accurate to both her and Arec’s personality.


Lymn Cosplay by People’s Dogs

This was the most obvious “cheap” cosplay and we love that many people took to it. Rather, many people’s dogs took to it! Here’s some of the submissions.

by tauontwo

by tauontwo

by parchmentEngineer

by parchmentEngineer

Final Fighter.png

Usa by CAnon

Usa is a reverse clocker. She starts the game strong and loses strength over time. She needs to end games quick or else suffer the consequences. A fast, powerful fighter who has to fight NOW, Usa is awesome and has cool art to boot.

art by LemKuuja

art by LemKuuja

Tilly by Jessica Malcolm / Kat

For those who don’t know, the unofficial Level 99 Games Discord often holds custom character tournaments (aptly named Fight Club). Tilly was a result of one of those tournaments. She’s a stance character with a mount marker, changing her from agile fast character to poweful juggernaut when she’s mounted on her trusty Trussa Stampy.

art by Kat

art by Kat


Absicca by blue

Absicca is a brawler who inflicts a virus on her opponents, which gives them all sorts of negative effects. However, so long as the opponent is infected, Absicca slowly bleeds life. This forms a delicate give and take where she must manage the virus lest she kill herself!

art by adequategarbage

art by adequategarbage

Gata by Rubén Blanco

Rubén transfers one of their characters to the world of Indines. Gata uses special bullet tokens which let her deal an absurd amount of damage. She makes up for it by having poor to below average numbers on nearly all her other stats.


Valiantly Transforming Energy Officers by Neon Citizen Teal

With one of the longest names we’ve seen, Neon Citizen Teal brings us a team of characters, each of them represented by a style. Their gimmick is that they can “combo” attacks through the use of their special Teamwork and Support keywords. Playing an attack with the Teamwork keyword triggers all Support abilities in the team’s Discard Piles, making for an interesting character gimmick.


Final Event.png

BattleCON Tournament by Dave Arlington

Dave does it again by hosting yet another tournament, bringing the participant count to 12! Looks like everyone had a great time. We’re still excited to see who won in the end!

BattleCON Date Night by Robert O'Connor

Robert plays some BattleCON with their fiance and a bottle of wine. Sounds like a great time.

IMG_20181007_201641 - Robert O'Connor.jpg

BattleCON Store Event by Roman Sherrod

Roman went to their FLGS and showed-off some BattleCON! Great way to demo the game, if you ask us!

20181011_194110 - Roman Sherrod.jpg

Final Guide.png

Molly's Guide To Losing At BattleCON And Loving It by Molly Metroid

Basically, I'm bad at the game. Like, real bad. It took me ten matches before I won a match, and that was against people who picked up the game at the same time I did. My most frequent opponents are among the best in the world at the game, at least for like, gencon tournaments and stuff.

So I'm used to losing.

Molly shows us that BattleCON isn’t just about winning. There must be a joy in losing as well. Read this guide if you’re ever getting too salty with your losses.

An absolute beginner's Guide to King Alexian by Jason H

King Alexian is an absolute powerhouse of a fighter, but that immense power comes at a cost. Alexian is slow, many of his Styles subtract priority. He doesn't have much range, other than what comes on the standard bases; all of his styles have +0 range modifiers.

Jason gives new players some easy tips and tricks to piloting the King himself! Learn some awesome tech and up your Alexian game by reading this guide.

BattleCON Component Upgrades by tauontwo

BattleCON is a pretty game. The art quality is stellar and everything in the box works well, though these are some things we've added or changed to make the experience more appealing for us.

This guide is about making your physical BattleCON experience a bit more awesome. While many of our components are great, some players may want to upgrade them even more for a cooler experience.

BattleCON Wardlaw Guide by Tekopo

Of course, no one can really reach the heights of Wardlaw, his raw power, his raw charm, his raw cunning, his raw ability to eat dozens of hot dogs in a single sitting. But with these little tips, maybe YOU can at least try to emulate a tiny fraction of his brilliance.

Tekopo’s guide takes a unique format, blending puns and jokes with actual useful tips! Read this one closely as it is charming, but still quite informative!

That’s enough for this week! We’re in our final week. Let’s do our best to get those characters unlocked!

If you have a work waiting to be submitted, don’t forget to submit it by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck and see you next week!