BattleCON Unleashed Fanwork Showcase - Week 3

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Hey everyone! Marco here with another fanwork showcase! It’s Week 3 and we’ve gotten some great submissions from you all!

Every week, we’ll feature at least one fanwork in each of the six categories we have. Should there be no new submissions to a specific category, we will instead feature some older works that have been shared in the community over the past years of BattleCON’s history!

Remember, you can submit your works on THIS FORM!

Here’s the current tally of submissions, taken from the Kickstarter page. Remember that the chart takes some days to be updates, so don’t fret if you’ve submitted and don’t see a change in the chart just yet!


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Dream Within a Dream by tauontwo

The idea came from setting up an EX Lymn fight to simulate Vicar Amelia from Bloodborne. I hope it's not too dark. Also, try to find every BattleCON character I've alluded to.

Tauontwo tells us that we have to go deeper in this fanfiction about everyone’s favorite spirit dream wolf: Lymn!

Four Aspects by Charon13

A story about the elements that define you.

Appropriately, Charon13 gives us a fanfiction starring the fanfiction goal character: Anath! Read to understand more about the Avatar of Havoc.

The Last Days of Cherri by Jarred Wasserman

My entry for the Battlecon: Unleashed kickstarter's social goals.

Jarred’s story talks about the last days of one Cherri Seneca. The Planestalkers do their best to face-off against an old comrade turned twisted.

Shapeshifters by Zephyr Eagle

A cold, early morning breeze blew through the open marketplace just outside Tandarosa in northern Relecour. Kehrolyn Ross, idly browsing the fruit stands, pulled her hood tight, and held back a shiver.

Zephyr Eagle wrote a story about people who can shapeshift. What goes through the heads of August and Kehrolyn Ross? Read on!

Final Fanart.png

Cadenzalings by Various Fans

Community member Kat once drew Cadenza baby chicks called Cadenzalings. They’ve since become a cute part of the BattleCON community. So much so, that even it gets fanart! Here’s a collection of some Cadenzalings for your enjoyment.

by Alexander Szumski

by Alexander Szumski

by Molly Metroid

by Molly Metroid

by CrypticalErmine

by CrypticalErmine

BattleKIDS by The Cooleys

Shaun and his wife collaborate on a comic about Karin and Jager. A duo for a duo! Absolutely adorable art. There’s more panels, so click the button for the full album!


Khadath VS Hepzibah by Kaida

Kaida’s a young BattleCON fan who was quite excited to share her skills, so we’re happy to show you her work! Pictured here is Khadath about to ensnare a disguised Hepzibah.

Khadath vs Hepzibah.jpg

Eustace by MookBlook

This is Eustace. . .cosplaying as. . .Eustace. We seriously had to end on this funny note because it’s simply hilarious.

Eustace - Dempsey rolls the bones - Rasmus Mogensen.jpg

Final Cosplay.png

Byron Krane by Hai Kulture

Given that Indines has schools, we might wonder what their yearbook entries would look like. Seems that Byron hasn’t changed much since his younger days. Makes sense, he IS a lich, after all.

yearbookmock - Hai Kulture.jpg

Marmelee Cosplay by Kat

Kat has been an avid member of the community for a long time and has made numerous fanarts and cosplays. One of her cosplays just so happens to be everyone’s favorite Dragon Princess!


Final Fighter.png

BattleCON: Super Smash Bros by Aljo Martinez

Aljo went beyond designing just one character. They designed over TEN of them, complete with a set-appropraite card design. An ambitious thing for sure.


Giri by Molly Metroid

BattleCON’s custom character community is huge and often comes-up with some cool characters. Giri is an Oni character with 3 different stances. This character packs quite a punch!


Sybil, the Fanged Assassin by Tekopo

Sybil is a poison-based fighter that lowers the opponent’s defenses. She is dangerous but has to poison herself before giving it to opponents. An interesting take on the playstyle for sure.


Xia by Heather May

Heather’s Xia is a fighter character with a modular Chakram token that inhibits her opponent’s speed or lets her control their positioning. Careful use of the Chakram is key to making this character work.


Deques by Dubya

Dubya brings a character from one of our other games to life with this Deques custom character. He makes use of a bunch of Millennium Blades cards to fight! Can you recognize them all?


Final Event.png

BattleCON Online Stream Palooza by Khift

Khift played a TON of Anath on BattleCON Online. There was some shenanigans and a ton of vitamin Marmelee.


BattleCON Casuals by tauontwo

Tauontwo shows us some of their casual play fun times! Seems that the Kehrolyn ended up winning a lot! Better luck next time!


Final Guide.png

First to Flame, Last to Burn: A BattleCON Online Kallistar Guide by ARBco

The fiery Kallistar serves as BattleCON’s one-woman tag team. In her human form, she can reposition herself after attacks, and gains constant damage reduction. As an elemental, she gets very high speed and damage, preferring to fight at a distance.

ARBco gives us this beautifully-formatted Kallistar and comprehensive Kallistar guide. Learn how to play the Fire Elemental in this guide!

Lucida Malephaise Fighter Guide by Ophidian

Lucida is one of my favourite characters, but she's slightly complicated and easy to misuse, so I'm writing this guide in the hopes of increasing the number of Lucida mains and fostering discussion around her play.

Ophidian brings us this Lucida guide. The Jaws of Malephaise hunger for more players, so read this guide to apepase her! We don’t want to lose our heads, now, don’t we?

BattleCON Changes by Shaun Cooley

It's not a traditional guide to fighters, but it is a guide to the various iterations of War of Indines that have been released thus far, along with noting what has been buffed, what has been nerfed, and what has just been plain overhauled .

Shaun shows us that there are many kinds of guides! Here’s a simply guide to all the changes War of Indines has undergone! If you want to see what some of your fighters used to look like before they got remastered, give it a look!

"Another challenger for my title?" A BattleCON Guide for Kimbhe by parchmentEngineer

As the Archmage of Relecour, Uleyle Kimbhe is a powerful opponent. Capable of a diverse array of options, and bringing her fabled staff to provide power to all of her attacks. However, should the opponent steal her staff from her, she'll quickly find herself out of options.

ParchmentEngineer has also made a guide for Kimbhe on Steam. The Archmage has awesome power, but one must learn to wield it well!

That’s enough for this week! We’ve got a few more weeks to go so let’s SMASH those remaining goals!

If you have a work waiting to be submitted, don’t forget to submit it by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck and see you next week!