PTO Deck Guide: Et Tu (by TheMechanicritic)

Hey, everyone! Welcome to our new piece of Daily Content! Every Tuesday, we will be releasing articles about our games! These can range from simple things like analyzing the base pentagon in BattleCON to complex card counting in EXCEED. This week, we have a deck guide for Pixel Tactics Online!

Hey, everyone! Marco, here! Time for a guide outside of BattleCON! As many of you might not know, I'm actually leading the balancing for Pixel Tactics Online (the video game adaptation to Pixel Tactics). There are many differences between physical and electronic Pixel Tactics. The biggest one is that, in PTO, constructed decks are the standard format.

With this in mind, I'd like to share one of my favorite decks in the meta right now: Et Tu.

Deck List.png

The Concept and Win Con

The deck gets its name from a line spoken by Julius Caesar in the Shakespearean play as his best bro, Brutus, stabs him in the back. As you can probably tell, this deck functions primarily on Backstab Heroes. Backstab Heroes allow you to deal direct damage to the enemy leader, dealing away with the need to clear their heroes in order to deal damage.

This effectively makes Et Tu a hyper aggressive burn deck. Winning with this deck is simple: you play a lot of Backstab Heroes. Then, you keep stabbing the enemy leader until they die. Simple as that.

Et Tu's biggest weakness comes in the form of aggression and silence. Aggressive decks will easily run over Et Tu's poor defenses, while players with access to silence can easily disable the backstab effect on its heroes.



Mikhail plays the Leader Role in this deck. While it might seem weird for an angel to have an army of dirty backstabbers, his leader ability proves crucial to the deck's core strategy.

You see, the deck is hyper aggressive and leaves barely any room for defense. Many of its heroes have low health totals as well, making it quite easy for enemies to clear out your ranks. Mikhails ability allows him to Resurrect a hero for free every round.

This synergizes well with the deck. Recruit your stabbers, backstab the leader, get your heroes killed, then simply bring them back with Mikhail to do it all over again! This means that, after your initial push of damage, you're almost always guaranteed to backstab at least ONCE per round, letting you close out games more consistently.


Now that we understand the leader and the strategy, we can finally go over the cards. This will not cover every use of the card, as that would imply making at least 4 write-ups for each card in this deck. Instead, I will focus on the card's primary use AKA the reason it's in the deck.



The Ghost is one of the many backstab heroes present in the deck. It gets backstab while in the Vanguard. It is, therefore, important that you try to have Ghosts present in the Vanguard wave. As an added bonus, the Ghost also doubles as an extra Resurrect Order, making it amazing during the late game, as it technically converts into direct damage when you bring another backstabber back to life.



The Witch plays a great supporting role in this deck. As a Vanguard hero, the Witch is able to Revive heroes as a Quick Action, meaning that she does it for 0 AP! This works very well with any and all your backstabbers, especially since the limitation of only being revived to 1 HP doesn't really matter if all you plan to do is deal direct damage.



The Assassin serves many roles. Mainly, it's the game's highest-damage backstab hero, with the ability to deal 4 direct damage. Outside of this, its order, Assassinate, lets you get rid of a problematic hero on the opponent's side should push come to shove. Get this hero into your Vanguard ASAP.



The Priestess offers you a lot of utility and can help the deck in a variety of ways. It's Rear Spell is a Revive, while its Order is a Resurrect, letting it serve functions similar to the Ghost Order and Witch Vanguard Spell. The Priestess, essentially, brings your dead backstabbers back online. However, the Priestess is also one of the few heroes that can heal leaders. This gives you an extra edge against those aggressive decks, possibly netting you a win or two.



Vampires are your artillery. They're some of the weaker backstabbers, but they're also the toughest, having a large health total. Aside form this, this Rear Spell is not only a backstab, but it also heals your leader! Sustainability and direct damage. What more could you need?



The Occultist rounds out our list of backstabbers, giving you the ability to deal direct damage in the Flank Wave. It also shares the Vampire's distinction of being relatively tough for a backstab hero. Finally, its Order is also quite powerful. Decoy forces opponents to attack a specific hero in your army. This lets you hold back aggressive decks for at least one turn.



Remember when I said that this deck really hates fighting aggro? Well, this card is in this deck to help that match-up out! Reflector's Trap essentially allows you to stop one incoming attack from the opponent and reflect it back at them. This is quite good for ruining their tempo and buying yourself time to finish the enemy leader off with your stabbers.



Aside from being a fun family boardgame, the Mastermind is quite powerful for the myriad of effects it brings to the table. Its Trap allows you to negate an enemy Order. This can be a godsend for preserving the lives of your easily-cleared stabbers. It also has access to the Spell Duplicate, which lets you create a copy of a card in your hand. This can be very useful for creating copies of your stabbers or giving yourself more casts of Resurrect.



Simply put, nearly no deck is complete without a Lancer. It's ability to execute damage heroes plays a vital role in getting rid of some pesky enemy heroes. Its flank ability also gives your Vanguard Heroes Deathproof, ensuring their safety against instant-kill orders. This gives you a great tool against aggressive decks which commonly use Assassin and Lancer to kill the hero protecting your leader.



The Fighters might seem like a weird choice. You don't usually want to attack with this deck, so why do we have a "vanilla" good stats hero? Well, the Fighter serves two big roles. First, it serves as the deck's primary form of Intercept, making it literally the best card to put in front of your leader when facing an aggressive deck. Its second use is its versatile Thunder 5 Order, which damages all  heroes in a column by 5. At first glance, it's a great way to clear away pesky enemy heroes. However, its biggest use is killing your OWN stabbers! Should an enemy ever silence your backstabbers, consider killing them off with the Fighter's Order, then bringing them back with all your Revives and Resurrects! They'll be back to stabbing in no time!

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter.png

The Treasure Hunter is your back-up Intercept Hero should the Fighter not show up. However, the Treasure Hunter's real power comes from its Order: Draw 2. As simple as that. A 0 Orb Order that lets you Draw 2 for 1 AP. It lets you thin out your deck and get to your Revives, Resurrects and Backstabs faster!



The Divinity is played for its powerful Order. Resurrect ALL means that ALL heroes, including enemy heroes, will come back to life! However, since our deck doesn't really try to kill enemy heroes, this ability will usually only favor us! This Order is most powerful when you are Second Player. Cast it during the Rear wave, then end your turn. You'll become first player and act before your opponent does! Use this advantage to backstab them THRICE for maximum damage!



What's really important about this deck is getting your Resurrects and Backstabbers. Therefore, the Summoner is an easy fit. Use its Scry 6 Order to search the top 6 cards of your deck for an answer to any situation! Pull out your Resurrects, Decoys, or even Thunders!

Magic Student

Magic Student.png

When I said it was important to get your Resurrects and Backstabbers, I meant it. The Magic Student gives you access to the Reload Order, which lets you put your entire hand back into the deck and then draw a new set of cards. It's really good for when you're stuck with a bunch of cards you don't need right now.



The Squire is the Red Shirt of PTO. It takes hits for everyone else and dies doing so. The Squire can protect your precious leader and heroes with its Cover ability, letting it take hits for them. Should your leader be in danger, its Order not only gives your leader Shield, preventing the next instance of damage it takes, but the Squire also heals your leader! Truly a great anti-aggro card!



The Doppelganger has access to Duplicate as an Order. Much like the Mastermind, it's great for creating copies of cards in your hand. However, the Doppelganger also gets access to Replicate, which lets him create copies of heroes already on the field! This means you can create extra Ghosts and Assassins to use their Orders AFTER having summoned them! A truly strong card when paired with all the useful Orders in the deck.

Playing the Deck

Playing this deck is quite simple. During the Mulligan, attempt to get your Backstabbers. Ghosts, Occultists, and Assassins are priority keeps. Needless to say, you simply Recruit as many backstabbers into your squad as possible. Then, during the first Round, simply use backstab over and over again.

Your opponent will surely begin clearing your heroes to save their skin. This is where all your Resurrects and Revives come in. Just keep bringing your stabbers back to life and burning the enemy Leader. They will fall. . .eventually.

We do hope you all enjoyed this deck guide for PTO! Want Marco to write about a specific topic? Tell us in the comments section down below!