Character of the Week: Hikaru

Welcome to the Character of the Week! Every Monday, we'll be giving you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, our Character of the Week is Hikaru Sorayama!

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Hikaru's words of wisdom.

Hikaru's words of wisdom.

"Motion, Power, Clarity, Purpose--to fight is to experience the thrill of living!"
“When you strike with the fire style, you just want to barely touch the target with the tips of your fingers. With your hand as a wedge, you inject the flame forcefully into the target’. Fire doesn’t need the help of your strength to be destructive, just the guidance of your will to find its destination.”



Hikaru seeking adventure.

Hikaru seeking adventure.

Hikaru is a free-spirited seeker of adventure who travels the world in search of new challenges and experiences. Treasure and fame hold no value for him. Instead, he searches for sights unseen and to test the limits of his own skills. He is good-natured and with a strong sense of personal justice, though he sometimes lacks patience and often lacks due caution. He throws himself body and spirit into whatever the task at hand is, without looking back or hesitating.

As student of geomancy--the magic of elements--who has some elemental heritage of his own, Hikaru is a fighter who utilizes the power of the world around him to aid his strength in battle. After graduating from university, Hikaru traveled around Indines and undertook many different self-directed adventures in his quest to discover his own limits and perfect an original martial arts style.

During the Plot of BattleCON: War

Despite what the box might say, Hikaru and Khadath are close friends.

Despite what the box might say, Hikaru and Khadath are close friends.

During the timeline of BattleCON: War, Hikaru joins his friend Khadath on a mission to find Cherri Seneca, a girl who could be the key to unleashing an alien invasion upon Indines if she is not saved in time. While Khadath is mainly interested in the mission itself, Hikaru sees the adventure as an opportunity to travel and fight alongside friends.

In order to help stand against the many threats that face Indines, and to hopefully do a little good, Hikaru teams up with a newly met friend, Rukyuk Amberdeen, and sets up the Champions of Indines Mercenary company. The Champions are dedicated to fighting powerful monsters and diffusing international threats, and are one of the few mercenary companies in Indines that do not engage in international conflicts.

Later Adventures

After the events in War and his adventures with the Champions, Hikaru decides that he does not wish to involve himself in the international war that might be coming to Indines. Instead, he joins up with an explorer's company, the Sun Chaser's Guild and embarks on a high-seas adventure that eventually leads him to the unknown continent across the great eastern sea. What adventures he finds on that voyage and on his return home are yet to be revealed.

10 Facts About Hikaru

Be water, my bro.

Be water, my bro.

  1. He studied Geomancy at Argent University. While his academics are mediocre, his practical skills were rated exceptionally.
  2. He is a half-elemental (Light elemental, on his father’s side). He has a younger half-sister, Sami Rekar (they have the same mother) who attends Argent as well.
  3. He is developing his own martial arts style, the Way of the Four Fists, based on the four elements. Each element focuses on a different style of striking.
  4. He is good friends with Pendros Schalla, an upperclassman who left Argent in Hikaru’s second year. Pendros's travels across Indines were an inspiration for Hikaru to become an adventurer as well.
  5. He has a strong sense of personal justice, and can’t stand by while evil is being done.
  6. Because of his light-elemental heritage, he wakes promptly and energetically at sunrise, and becomes tired very quickly after dusk. His training can help to suppress this fatigue.
  7. He almost joined a mercenary company, the Lost Sons of Relecour, but adventuring with Khadath got in the way of that career.
  8. After his adventures in BattleCON: War, he helps Rukyuk to found the Champions of Indines Mercenary Company.
  9. He does not get along well with his stepfather, Karlton Rekar, so he avoids returning home whenever possible.
  10.  He met Khadath during his first year at Argent, and the two have been close friends ever since.


Hikaru's a jack-of-all-trades character with powerful offensive capabilities. Using his Elemental Tokens, he is able to supercharge one of his stats to the point where he out-does some specialists! Sticking to his opponents and careful Token management are vital to Hikaru's success.

Friends Close. Enemies Closer.

Palms can only go so far.

Palms can only go so far.

Key to playing a good Hikaru is acknowledging the fact that his range options are limited. Without his Water Token, nearly every attack Hikaru plays will only have Range 1. This gives you a huge incentive to get up in your opponent's face and stay on the offensive. Once in melee, Hikaru's aggressive arsenal allows him to lay the beat-down on his opponents.

It is, therefore, important that you attempt to move forward as you attack, anticipating that many opponents will want to retreat from your onslaught. Smart use of Advancing Drive and Sweeping Palmstrike will allow you to pin-down opponents. However, should your opponent find some way to distance themselves from you, do not be afraid to use your Dodge base to get back into melee.

Power Spikes

One of the best cards in the game.

One of the best cards in the game.

While Hikaru might do well by damaging opponents with fast attacks, he also has access to powerful blows that can hit for upwards of 7 damage! As a Hikaru player, it is important to identify key moments to use these huge power spikes as they tend to be the attacks that win Hikaru games. Hence, should your opponent's defensive options be down, don't hesitate to blast them into next week with a full-powered Geomantic Shot. This is especially powerful because Geomantic's Start of Beat effect allows you to add another Token to your attack after seeing your opponent's attack pair, letting you pick the right effect to counter their plays.

Making opponents fear your powerful Token-fueled pairs offers you more space to breathe while your opponents are on the defensive. During this, it may be wise to recover some of your power as, without Tokens, Hikaru is quite an underwhelming fighter.

Reuse and Recycle

Token recovery is important.

Token recovery is important.

Many of Hikaru's most powerful plays come from anteing his Elemental Tokens. Given that his Unique Ability prevents him from recovering the same Token that he antes in a given beat, he has a built-in recovery period to his poweful attacks. Hikaru's Fire Token, which gives Power +3, tends to be his most powerful Token and with good reason. Not only does it make his hits massive, it also meshes well with his fast attacks, possibly allowing him to stun targets that he would not have otherwise.

It is, therefore, key that Hikaru attempt to cycle and recover his Tokens as much as possible. However, this does not mean that he has put a stop to his offense. Focused and Palmstrike only recover Tokens if Hikaru hits and damages his foes, meaning that you'll have to recover your Tokens in the heat of combat! And, while Trance recovers him Tokens even without hitting anyone, using it in conjunction with Strike can often yield positive results.

Summary and Discards


  1. Great offensive kit with ample advance effects.
  2. Access to Geomantic Shot, one of the game's most powerful attacks.


  1. Relies on Elemental Tokens to be effective.
  2. Ranged capabilities leave much to be desired.


  1. Special Grasp
  2. Trance Strike

Video Guide

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