Character of the Week: Cadenza

Welcome to the Character of the Week! Every Monday, we'll be giving you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, our Character of the Week is Cadenza!



"The Cadenza model is Willat's most powerful soldier--it fights without hesitation, pain, or remorse--a perfect engine of destruction!"
- Bors Vilnar


Created by Magister Bors Vilnar of Willat, Cadenza is a custom model of automatic soldier that runs on steam and clockwork. This particular model is Vilnar's personal prototype, outfitted with a number of customizations and a remote module that allows him to be controlled by the Magister directly. Cadenza is currently deployed to track down Lixis and Kehrolyn and return them to Willat, dead or alive.

10 Facts About Cadenza

  1. He is a remote control drone operated directly by Bors Vilnar.
  2. He fights according to learned fighting routines, rather than being directly controlled in combat. This allows him to react faster than a human operator could possibly control him.
  3. He uses a Crizma-based hydraulic engine for power. Unless the engine is damaged, it will run forever.
  4. After being destroyed by Kehrolyn, he is found by the Lesionaires and salvaged by Hepzibah as Cadenza Necrosis.
  5. His energy weapons are powered by a Mana Battery that siphons excess power from his engine. Thus, he must still recharge these weapons between uses.
  6. Hundreds of similar Clockwork Knights exist, but this prototype has special shielding and weaponry.
  7. This is the same unit that dealt the final blow to August during the destruction of Aaron Ross’s laboratory.
  8. Vilnar can see, hear, and speak through Cadenza. He can also open a video channel and project video, but he only ever projects his usual “sound only” screen.
  9. The first Cadenza model was developed by Vilnar almost 300 years ago, but it was finished too late to see much action in the Centennial War. This model is generation 17.
  10. Much of the technology in this unit was used to create Aria, Fermata, and Sophica Sentavra.


Cadenza is a mighty grappler who never lets its opponent escape it, possessing dramatic power and huge defenses to overwhelm its enemy in unfair trades.  As one of the slowest warriors in Indines, Cadenza utilizes its invincible Iron Body to ensure that it always maintains its counterattacking capability.

Armored and Dangerous

Cadenza's ultimate defense.

Cadenza's ultimate defense.

As a novice-level character, Cadenza's main strengths come in two flavors: His damage-reducing Soak from his Clockwork and Hydraulic styles, and his incomparable power boosts on its primary attacks.  Though he lacks the range modifiers and Before Activating advances of his contemporaries, Cadenza doesn't have to juggle tokens or deal with any major drawbacks to maintain his offensive might.

With Iron Body available, whatever few attacks can pierce Cadenza's clockwork chassis can be safely countered, though it's rare that Cadenza will ever need to spend all three tokens.  In the rare event of facing an opponent that can ignore Cadenza's infinite Stun Guard, he can ante a token to maintain a strong position, though this should only be anted if Cadenza's attack is truly unavoidable.

Hunter Killer

It's coming to get you!

It's coming to get you!

The true strength of Cadenza's play lies not in its raw power, but in how it maintains an ever-present threat on the board.  Where attacks like Clockwork and Press allow for incredible trading potential, Grapnel and Mechanical ensure that Cadenza can set up beats where he remains the dominant aggressor.  Combining Grapnel with Grasp allows for the fastest attack in Cadenza's arsenal, catching opponents off-guard and reeling them into close range, while matching it with Strike enables him to crush an opponent's slower long-ranged attack.

The Mechanical style offers as much movement as a Dodge, transforming it into the perfect Dodge counter, or allowing it to be played with a Shot or Burst to continually act as a threat from a ranged position.  Because End of Beat movement cannot be negated by being stunned, Mechanical always allows Cadenza to position himself somewhere threatening, such as the center of the board, or right next to the opponent.

An Ever-present Threat

People will fear this card.

People will fear this card.

Mastery of Cadenza requires knowing when to play your cards and when to keep them close to hand.  Each style and base acts as its own countermeasure to enemy play, allowing you to keep a strong board position despite lacking proper ranged tools.  A well-timed Battery Dodge can force the Active Player to switch next beat, and holding Clockwork in hand can force your opponent to debate spending their precious Dodge or not.

The most valuable tools in Cadenza's arsenal are his Drive, Shot, and Press bases, as they offer enough range during the beat to maintain an iron grip on the opponent.  Cadenza needs to take and hold the central space of the board so that he can threaten Clockwork Drives and Shots, and Hydraulic Presses and Bursts on each beat.  It's important to keep in mind your opponent's abilities while attempting to maintain your position, as a properly-applied Grasp or the use of Ignore Soak and Ignore Stun Guard can ruin a good play.

Summary and Discards

1. Devastating offensive kit toting soak and high power values.
2. Inability to be stunned in the majority of duels played.
3. Grappler's toolkit prevents the enemy from escaping for any given beat.
4. Naturally low priorities prevent Cadenza's predictable attacks from being clashed out.

1. Poor range qualities grant susceptibility to high mobility and pushes.
2. Naturally low priorities prevent Cadenza from clashing out an opponent's Dodge and dealing with faster heavyweights.
3. Ignore Soak and Ignore Stun Guard entirely counter Cadenza's stats.

1. Special Strike
2. Grapnel Grasp

Video Guide

CLICK HERE if you want to watch Cadenza's BattleGUIDES video.


Lore Section - Brad Talton Jr.
Game-play Section - PolterGhost

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