Temporal Odyssey: Drake Von Hearth


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Travelers have 3 unique spells in Temporal Odyssey. A Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate Spell, which can be leveled up by controlling certain Elemental Sigils. Each Traveler uses these sigils in different unique combinations.


Drake is about being on the battlefield and fighting the enemy Traveler head on. He can phase targets in and out of the game to make his direct assault easier! More than any other Traveler, Drake's spells focus on aggressive combat tactics, making classes like Warriors, Beasts, and Machines a priority for recruitment.



Give your Traveler a devestating 50 ATK! Hit ungrouped characters to recover the spell immediately and keep the pressure on. Since your Traveler will be taking damage and front-lined due to attacking, its critical to draft cards with shared defensive abilities.


Blink Portal

Drake can blink characters into the game for a short period of time. Try to set up a good Blink Portal during your draft.  If you level it up, you can create some interesting combos by triggering enlisted Abilities over and over again.



Stasis is a utility spell. Use it to ungroup critical targets. It’s very powerful when combined with Charge! 

Great Draft Picks

  • Diligence ill make Drake extremely threatening while also bringing your Charge to max level. 
  • Try placing Zane back on top of the present deck when you draft. You'll have him ready an amazing Blink Portal sneak attack! He'll also bring your charge to max level when he's in play. 
  • Drake is always on the front lines and he needs to be protected. Maya will give Drake a much needed defensive ability while leveling up his blink portal!