Temporal Odyssey: Mr. F


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Travelers have 3 unique spells in Temporal Odyssey. A Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate Spell, which can be leveled up by controlling certain Elemental Sigils. Each Traveler uses these sigils in different unique combinations.


Mr. F is all about growing your board state quickly and then maintaining that board state. He can build up units quickly, and heal them to keep them alive. Once you have a board advantage, use Malice to unleash a huge assault on your opponent and overwhelm them!


Rapid Portal

Mr. F’s Portal is the most aggressive of them all. Enlist from the present and act immediately! Level 1 is very expensive but with a few wind sigils, this card will generate you a lot of AP advantage.



Malice is great for pushing through to defeat key targets. Its real power lies in LV2 and LV3 where you can turn a healthy army into a game ending attack.



Output some massive damage while keeping your team alive! 

Great Draft Picks

  • Wander Bravo will instantly level up Malice. Mr. F's Sun Beam will make it easy to bring Bravo into full working order. 
  • Hooks will level up your Quick Portal. Assassins double their attack against damaged characters making them excellent tank busters when combined with Malice
  • Its going to be difficult for your opponent to take out your characters because of Mr.F's healing abilities. Use Mobius to bring back targets to do manage to pick off while also leveling up Quick Portal to max. Revive ignores the enlisted abilities of characters making Wanderer Bravo a prime target.