Temporal Odyssey: Zowie the Abandoned


Travelers have 3 unique spells in Temporal Odyssey. A Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate Spell, which can be leveled up by controlling certain Elemental Sigils. Each Traveler uses these sigils in different unique combinations.


Zowie is a Generalist. She can control, deal great direct damage, and accelerate her board state. She's good at everything, but not great at anything in particular.



Intensity is a very low cost control spell. Stunning a character means they cannot attack or use their active ability until the end of their next turn. Use this card often. It can change the outcome of the game if played right during critical times.


World Portal

Worldly Portal allows you to build some board state. At Levels 2 and 3, you can use the character you enlist to hit hard and make a surprise swing. 


Black Hole

Black Hole is costly but powerful. Level it up to gain some serious board state advantage!

Great Draft Picks

  • Blades Up Above will instantly level up your World Portal.
  • Animo and R. Connor will get your Intensity to max level, allowing you to cast this free spell for its greatest benefit immediately.

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