Temporal Odyssey: Jin the Dark King


Travelers have 3 unique spells in Temporal Odyssey. A Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate Spell, which can be leveled up by controlling certain Elemental Sigils. Each Traveler uses these sigils in different unique combinations.

Jin the Dark King Overview

Jin is a control character. Limit your opponent’s options and enlist a massive army late game.



Limit your opponent's card advantage.  At level 2 you will also exhaust one of their spells. At Level 3 you can cast a copy of the spell they exhausted!



Meteor is Jin’s primary damage dealer. Meteor may force your opponent to make different grouping decisions to prevent a double KO. 


Reckless Portal

Reckless Portal is both a utility card and a game ender. Jin can easily gain characters from the future deck at any time. At Level 2, you can get two characters ready to go in for the finishing blow.

Great Draft Picks

  • Skull of the Fallen King will ensure a Level 3 Siphon for the entire game.
  • Josefina will each instantly level up Meteor.
  • Telc will power up your Ultimate spell all on his own!

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