Temporal Odyssey: Traveler Spells


In Temporal Odyssey, you play as a dueling Time Traveler. Banish the opponent Time Traveler by destroying their Stability and dealing the final blow!

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The Spell / Rest System

Travelers have 3 spells that define their play style, and these are completely unique to each Traveler. Once you use a Spell, it is exhausted (placed under your traveler card). If you use your Traveler’s Rest ability, you add all used spells back to your hand in order to cast them again. 

Rest to Use your Spells at Key Times
For the best economy, you will want to play all your spells before you rest. However, you can rest at any time to play specific spells more frequently. Resting often costs you more AP, but at times it can be a strong move!

Spells can level up.
Every Traveler has a Basic, Advance, and Ultimate Spell. Each spell grows in power based on if you control certain elemental sigils.

Basic Spells: Requires 1 element to Level Up.
These spells are weak, but easy to cast and power up. Their power-up effects are fairly incremental.

Advance Spells: Requires 2 elements to Level Up.
These spells are strong to start with. With a single level, they can change the pace of the game, and at level 2, they can have a dramatic impact.

Ultimate Spells: Requires 3 Elements to Level Up
These spells are difficult to level up, but incredibly strong. Casting these at Level 2 can end games quickly.

elemental Sigils

There are 6 Elemental sigils in Temporal Odyssey (Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Dark, Light).


Across a Traveler’s Spells, all Elements will be used in one way or another. It’s possible to form a game plan around a Basic Spell you can cast repeatedly by focusing your drafts on just one element. You can also try to diversify and level up your Ultimate and Advanced Spell for game-changing powers! Even within a single Traveler's kit, there are many strategies to capitalize on!