September-October Contest: Argent Candidate Creation


Open Now Till October 15th

To celebrate the success of our Argent Kickstarter, this next contest will be an Argent: The Consortium Contest! If you've ever wanted to have a character in the running for chancellor, then now's your chance! Design your own Candidate and show us how they can help the students (or take over the world)!


  1. Each person is allowed one entry, so make it count!
  2. Entries are to be .RTF or .TXT files.
  3. Attach your .RTF or .TXT file to an email and send it to with the subject line "September-October Argent Candidate Creation Contest."
  4. All entries must be family friendly. We will not consider themes that are inappropriate or mature in nature. If you are confused as to whether or not your entry is considered PG-rated, it likely means that it is not!
  5. All entries must be in our inbox on or before 11:59 PM (UTC-07:00) on October 15, 2017. Any entries sent after this will not be considered. Sorry!
  6. Remember that by submitting your design, you are granting us permission to print/sell it at a later date, and to share it with the community!

Crafting Your Entry

Before submitting, it is important that you understand how Argent: The Consortium is played. Should you need to do so, CLICK HERE for a quick and easy Argent Tutorial! Of course, should you just want to watch a game of Argent, rather than watch a tutorial video, CLICK HERE!

Finally, you may need to brush up a bit on your lore for Argent! If you need to do so, CLICK HERE for the Level Cap Podcast, where Brad and Marco talk about some of the schools of magic and what they do!

Remember, you are submitting a Candidate, so do try to keep them in-line with the setting and theme of the Argent Candidates!

Your submission file should contain the following:

  1. Your Candidate's name.
  2. Your Candidate's department.
  3. Your Candidate's starting spell (and the spell's effects should it be a new spell).
  4. Your Candidate's appearance.
  5. Your Candidate's lore and backstory. Talk about how they fit into the world of Argent and the kinds of magic that they dabble in.
  6. Your Candidate's starting resources. Note that most Candidates share the same starting resources. The only ones, so far, with different starting resources are the Neutral Candidates, Jion and Trias (they start with an Honor Token).
  7. Your name and email address.

Do your best to stay within these guidelines, and good luck!


Q: Can I submit an existing Indines/Argent character as a candidate?

A: Feel free to adapt existing characters to Argent Candidates!


  • (1) Grand Prize - Your design immortalized on our website for the whole community to see, and $100 Gift Code in our online store!
  • (4) First Prize - $20 Gift Code in our online store, plus entry into the showcase!