Pixel Tactics Online Preview: Khadath

Welcome to the Pixel Tactics Online Preview! Each week, we will be looking at a specific card in Pixel Tactics Online and talking about its possible uses

Hold The Line!

Khadath is quite different from his Physical Pixel Tactics counterpart. He can, as an action, force opponents to discard cards at random. While this may seem innocent at first, this ability makes Khadath one of the most disruptive leaders in the game, allowing him to easily ruin opponent strategies while starving opponents of cards. This means that Khadath will almost always have more cards and strategic options than his opponents.

His hero counterpart, the Trapper, does more of the same. With multitude of Intercept and Banish abilities, the Trapper is able to slow down opponents quite well. Intercept prevents many aggressive ranged units from harassing your leader, while his Banish effects can easily destroy the opponent's plans, forcing them to waste time drawing cards.

To see him in action watch this video: CLICK HERE!