Pixel Tactics Online Preview: Lesandra

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Don't let Lesandra's simple ability fool you; she is one of the game's most aggressive Leaders! While recruiting for free might seem like a nice bonus, its true power lies in the fact that Lesandra can draw cards while recruiting Heroes during the Ceasefire. This not only lets her set-up her side of the board while maintaining a huge card advantage, it also allows her to draw before recruiting Heroes. This allows her to have the most consistent openings in the game! With the right cards, Lesandra can form a nearly unstoppable army and have enough fuel to support them.

Her Hero counterpart, the Summoner, is a support unit that centers on Hero management. Her Vanguard and Flank abilities allow her to manipulate Heroes on the battlefield by returning heroes back to their owner's hands, or allowing you to summon Heroes onto slots in other waves. On the other hand, her Rear and Order abilities help you search your deck for specific cards to summon as Heroes or use as Orders! Be careful, however, as the Summoner is not suited for actual combat, boasting mediocre stats.

If you want to see her in action, watch her video! CLICK HERE!