Aug.-Sept. Contest: Pixel Tactics Online!

Open Now Till September 15th

To celebrate the upcoming Open Beta of Pixel Tactics Online, this contest is all about making a Pixel Tactics Online card! The grand-prize winner will be placed IN-GAME! Whether you're a Pixel Tactics veteran, or a total Tactical Newbie, you're free to try your hand at designing a card.


  1. Each person is allowed one entry, so make it count!
  2. Entries are to be .RTF or .TXT files.
  3. Attach your .RTF or .TXT file to an email and send it to with the subject line "August-September Pixel Tactics Online Card Creation Contest."
  4. All entries must be family friendly. We will not consider themes that are inappropriate or mature in nature. If you are confused as to whether or not your entry is considered PG-rated, it likely means that it is not!
  5. All entries must be in our inbox on or before 11:59 PM (UTC-07:00) on September 15, 2017. Any cards sent after this will not be considered. Sorry!
  6. Remember that by submitting your card idea, you are granting us permission to print/sell it at a later date, and to share it with the community!

Crafting Your Entry

Since many of you may not be in the know, Pixel Tactics Online is different from the physical version. While many aspects remain the same, certain little tidbits are different. These can be crucial in making sure your card works as intended. It would be wise to actually play Pixel Tactics Online before making an entry. CLICK HERE to play the game!

Once you start playing, you'll notice that many effects are made shorter with the use of Keywords. Should you need a full list of all our Keywords, CLICK HERE.

Finally, all submissions will be Hero cards! This means that you will only have to submit all information pertaining to the Hero (AKA the non-Leader) side of your card!

Your submission file should contain the following:

  1. Your card's name.
  2. Your card's Attack and Health Values.
  3. Your card's Vanguard abilities.
  4. Your card's Flank abilities.
  5. Your card's Rear abilities.
  6. Your card's Order/Trap/Operation abilities (don't forget to say what type of effect it is! Also, don't forget to add the Orb cost!).
  7. A description of your card's art. Remember that these are PIXEL Tactics, so highly detailed descriptions won't be very useful!
  8. Your name and email address.

Should you fail to comply with these, your entry will be disqualified, sorry!


  • (1) Grand Prize - Your card in the game and $100 Gift Code in our online store!
  • (4) First Prize - $20 Gift Code in our online store, plus entry into the showcase!