Pixel Tactics Online Preview: Luca

Welcome to the Pixel Tactics Online Preview! Each week, we will be looking at a specific card in Pixel Tactics Online and talking about its possible uses.

All According to Plan

Luca is a Leader that focuses on versatility and options. Using his Recall Ability, he can remember cards he's previously used, allowing him to use them again. This gives Luca a wide variety of options when it comes to using his cards, technically giving him extra copies of the same card. Plan around this accordingly to achieve victory.

Luca's Hero counterpart, the Wizard, offers a variety of utility effects, ranging from attack buffs to silencing enemy heroes. The Move Action is important to any Wizard's plans as he needs to be in the correct wave to make the most use of his powerful abilities. Much like Luca, one must plan ahead to use a Wizard at his fullest.

To see him in action, watch this video: CLICK HERE!