Pixel Tactics Online Preview: Rayne

Welcome to the Pixel Tactics Online Preview! Each week, we will be looking at a specific card in Pixel Tactics Online and talking about its possible uses.

Justice Reigns From Above

Rayne's stats can be quite misleading. Despite having the lowest Attack in the game, Rayne is actually one of the most aggressive leaders. Using her Spear of Justice, she can repeatedly kill damaged opponent heroes with ease, even without putting kill cards into her deck. This allows her squad to easily attack the enemy leader, raining down a nearly-unstoppable hail of blows.

Her hero counterpart, the Lancer, follows suit. Despite having low stats, the Lancer gains significant boons when her targets are damaged, ranging from added Attack to straight-up executions. This makes the Lancer an easy addition to almost any aggressive deck. However, should the need arise, the Lancer can play a defensive role as well, protecting your Vanguard units from meeting the same fate as her targets.

To see her in action, watch this video: CLICK HERE!