Argent: the Consortium, 2nd Edition is now live on Kickstarter!

Argent: the Consortium is back for a 2nd round on Kickstarter!

Join us for a return to the splendor, intrigue, and secrets of Argent University of Magic!

Whether you're brand new to Argent, or a returning alumni, the new project has something for you!

The Second Edition of Argent features updated components and errata. Alumni of the university can get an upgrade kit that contains all the updated cards and miniatures!

Argent is one of the biggest and most fully-featured projects that Level 99 Games has ever produced! We're excited to update the game with improved components, as well as a new mini-expansion!

Get the new Festival of Masks mini-expansion, featuring a new mechanic that will introduce never-before-seen strategies, as well as new supporters and treasures!