Pixel Tactics Online Preview: Lizaveta

Welcome to the Pixel Tactics Online Preview! Each week, we will be looking at a specific card in Pixel Tactics Online and talking about its possible uses.

Right Between the Eyes

Lizaveta overwhelms her opponents with a barrage of ranged attacks. Not only is she one of the few leaders with Ranged Attack, her ability to give heroes Ranged Attack means that nearly any unit in her army can attack, opening up a lot of cool combo opportunities that the other leaders don't have access to. An endless onslaught of attacks awaits all those who oppose her!

Her hero counterpart, the Ranger, is one of the few units in the game that has Ranged Attack in every wave. This makes her quite flexible if you need a hero that can attack at the drop of a hat. Aside from this, the Ranger's order proves to be one of the most effective means of removal in the game. While it doesn't deal as much damage as other damaging orders, it has the ability to hit more enemies, especially if the opponent positioning their units awkwardly.

To see her in action, watch this video: CLICK HERE!