Tomb Traitor Art Process by Shaz Yong

The example I'm going to use is for the 'Treasure Hunter' Brief that was sent for this project.

Brad and Ithry mostly let me work on my own for this one but since this was the first character I worked on I was searching for a style for the game as a whole.

I went about collecting some reference and I instinctively jumped to Indiana Jones and the Mummy.

Compiled some images together into a simple image board and went about doing three quick sketches/drawings to see which would be suitable. 

I often take poses from real pictures if I'm going for a more realistic style for the characters. 

The imageboard I used.



The sketches submitted. Three 'styles' were used to see what kinda approach would be suitable.

hunter wips.jpg

It was decided for me to go with the style for Hunter 3 so I went ahead and pulled up the file and fixed plus upscaled its resolution.

Below is an image of hunter 3's underdrawing, I often do my drawings in two stages like this, first a rough and then I do clean lines over it.

hunter wips 2.jpg

The next steps were just to fill the lines and to colour. Another 2 step process for me to fill the lines, mask the shape out properly and add in the shading and details

hunter wips 3.jpg

After all this, its the cross my fingers, send it in and hope Brad and Ithry likes it stage, then we rinse and repeat for the rest of the assets needed.