Pixel Tactics Online Preview: Heketch

Welcome to the Pixel Tactics Online Preview! Each week, we will be looking at a specific card in Pixel Tactics Online and talking about its possible uses.

Kill. Them. All.

Heketch and the Assassin Hero do one thing very well: killing.

As a Leader, Heketch immediately kills enemy heroes with Lethal Damage on them. This allows him to take down high-priority targets without giving opponents a chance to save them. Once the opponent's defenses are down, Heketch uses his massive 8 Attack to make short work of their leader.

On the other hand, the Assassin Hero is quite versatile despite only having effects that allow him to kill things faster. Dealing double damage with Killer abilities allows him to take down huge targets despite his low stats, while his Assassinate Order will make short work of any hero, no matter how resilient!

To see him in action, watch this video: CLICK HERE!