Temporal Odyssey: Present Deck Breakdown


In Temporal Odyssey, you can draft your heroes by sifting through the Past, Present and Future. In each time period, you will find unique classes of cards. The base game of Temporal Odysseyhas an offensive, defensive, and technical class for each time period.

The classes you use can change from game to game, providing a variable setup and the discovery of new strategies, even after many plays.

What's in a class?

Classes have a specific kit of stats, abilities, passives, and elements. This consistency helps experienced players know what they can find when searching the timelines, and what to prepare for when their opponents have been sifting through specific eras.

Each era also has its own theme as well. The combination of the classes and time periods means it is possible to predict what kinds of cards you will find and draft according to your needs and plans.

In this post, we offer a preview of some of the Present-era classes in the base game!

Cards in the Present do things immediately.



Warriors have no code but the pursuit of strength. They are heavy-duty front-line characters that deal a ton of damage.

Even when your opponent attacks your Warrior, they will take damage from its Retaliate ability. With their decent HP, you are likely to get multiple uses out of this power. Warriors want to get the job done. When they kill a traveler, their Valor grants Double XP.


Paladins are sworn defenders of their homeland. They have great defense and are effective in almost any setup.

Their Armored ability protects their whole battlegroup, and their excellent HP allows them to protect back-line characters through extended fights. With good timing, you can tank even more by making critical use of a paladin's Heal ability. 



Assassins come from all walks of life, but discard their pasts to swear loyalty to an ancient code.

They are excellent at Assassinating priority targets and breaking down compositions, but are weak outside of their surprise factor. An assassin's key ability is their Opportunist Passive, which allows them to strike even harder against wounded enemies.


Present Artifacts

Each time period has two additional artifacts to bring the deck to 20–A cheap minor artifact and an powerful major one.


With this artifact, you can increase the power of your traveler's Portal ability and draft from different time periods at once!


Hey wait, I know this guy. It's YOU. You have the same stats and abilities as your traveler, enabling you to draft extra cards. You can also Rest with one Traveler and attack with another! However, two travelers also means two priority targets for your opponent!

Unlike other major artifacts, this card can't be sacrificed to Lovox and doesn't destabilize your opponent's timeline, but the extra utility is well worth the downsides!