Temporal Odyssey: Past Deck


In Temporal Odyssey, you can draft your heroes by sifting through the Past, Present and Future. In each time period, you will find unique classes of cards. The base game of Temporal Odyssey has an offensive, defensive, and technical class for each time period.

The classes you use can change from game to game, providing a variable setup and the discovery of new strategies, even after many plays.

What's in a class?

Classes have a specific kit of stats, abilities, passives, and elements. This consistency helps experienced players know what they can find when searching the timelines, and what to prepare for when their opponents have been sifting through specific eras.

Each era also has its own theme as well. The combination of the classes and time periods means it is possible to predict what kinds of cards you will find and draft according to your needs and plans.

In this post, we offer a preview of some of the Past-era classes in the base game!

Cards in the Past repeat Abilities again.


It is said that the Elementals first taught magic to humans, granting them a measure of divine power.

Elementals allow you to Revive a defeated character when they are enlisted, effectively doubling their presence on the board. Amplify II gives your entire team double their printed elemental traits, making it easier to access high-level spells. Elementals are perfect for capitalizing on an opportune moment. Revive a character that has the elements you need, and hit your opponent with a high level spell!


Ancients are dream-like creatures that serve as guardian spirits. Legends say they granted will to mankind, raising them from mere beasts and teaching them good and evil.

Ancients provide incredible utility to your other characters. Reminisce allows you to use a potent enlisted ability on one of your cards again. Divinity can be shared with a battlegroup to ignore the first damage dealt to either character each turn. Use ancients to protect key targets, but be wary of effects or abilities that hit a wide area or hit twice, as these will easily break your protection.



Nowadays the Old Beasts live only in the stories told to frighten children. In ancient times, however, they stalked the earth and hunted men. 

With True Damage, they can guarantee their devastating 50 ATK will be inflicted on key targets.

When enlisted, they Paralyze a character with fear, allowing you to swing the tempo of battle in your favor. Your opponent will feel the pressure when you bring these nightmares to bear, but their low life makes them especially vulnerable if left exposed.


Each time period has two additional artifacts to bring the deck to 20. A cheap, minor artifact and powerful, major artifact.

You can use this to summon a higher cost card, such as a major artifact, at a very low cost.

Use the Sol Stone when you are ready to push for the finishing blow and flood your board with new allies!