Announcing Pixel Tactics Online!

Play out dynamic games of Pixel Tactics against friends and rivals, or take on the 100+ stage solo challenge modes to unlock new cards, place on worldwide leader boards, and collect new cards!

Pixel Tactics Online will be available in late 2017!


Pixel Tactics Online is a Non-Collectible Online Card Game.

Players will receive some free cards to start their adventure, and can expand their collection by purchasing structured campaigns (either with real or in-game currency) that take you to various venues from the world of Pixel Tactics. Each campaign comes with a handful of new cards and 24 solo challenges to tackle. Overcoming these single-player challenges will further expand your collection and give you access to new Leaders, each of whom possess a powerful new ability.

The game will be released on Mac, PC, Android, and iOS!

Pixel Tactics Online is more than just a digital re-implementation of the tabletop card game. The game is rebalanced, retouched, and optimized for digital play across numerous devices.

Players will be able to play in Ranked and Friendly Matches all over the world!

After release, we will also be introducing structured online events, such as seasonal ladders, tournaments, limited drafts, and special event variants!

Pixel Tactics Online is currently in Closed Alpha Testing. Look out for more news soon on the development of this exciting new project!