Announcing Automata NOIR

We are excited to announce our partnership with Penny Arcade to create Automata NOIR, a new edition of the modern classic "NOIR" that features the world and characters from the original Automata comic created by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. The game will feature iconic characters Carl Swangee and Sam Regal, as well as a host of new and lesser-known faces, illustrated by artist Charlie Bates.

NOIR is a deductive mystery card game where two players take on roles with varying powers, attempting to corner and reveal their opponent's secret identity without being revealed themselves. Played, refined, and updated constantly over five years, NOIR is a modern classic accessible to both casual and veteran gamers.

Automata NOIR will feature 2 new game modes, "Buddy Cop" and "Dragnet", in addition to updated versions of the classic "Killer vs. Inspector", "Hitman vs. Sleuth", and "Spy Tag" games. Look out for it this Fall!

If you want to learn more about NOIR, you can read the rules and play online for free by visiting the game's home page.

You can also pre-order Automata NOIR in our online store!

Carl Swangee comes to EXCEED!

In celebration of this new project, we are also introducing Carl Swangee as a Fighter in EXCEED, our arcade-style fighting card game!

Like other bonus EXCEED Fighters, Carl will come with a complete set of stylized card faces that showcase the sleek 1920's retro-futurism depicted in the comics, as well as a set of Normals depicted in matching style.

Carl is a Normal-Focused fighter who introduces a new mechanic, Overload. Overload replaces the Boost slot on a card, and a card with Overload can be played face-down together with a Normal Attack in order to upgrade it to an EX attack. 

You can get a copy of Carl by pledging in our new Kickstarter Project, where he is included as a free bonus in the $100 Tier, or as a $10 add-on in other tiers. After the project ends, Carl will be available in our online store and through normal tabletop gaming outlets for $12. The project is also a great place to check out tutorial videos, information on the game, and meet the fan community!