Character Intro: Celinka

Greetings and welcome to the weekly Seventh Cross Character Preview! In this series, I'll introduce a character's backstory and play style in the upcoming season of EXCEED! Read along and get to know the heroes and villains of this new world!

"Devouring my oath, I serve without end. My name: Divine Beast of the Eastern Wind."

In ancient times, priests of the Church bound great spirits to their service, binding them in forms of clay. When blessed with a ritual, these statues would come to life and defend their temples against the forces of darkness. Celinka is one such guardian spirit, bound in mortal form for centuries now. Around her neck, she wears a talisman that serves as a constant reminder of her duty. Her dress is sewn from paper wishes written by visitors to her shrine–prayers for guidance, protection, and retribution.

Celinka's spiritual form is that of a Kirin, and the aura of this true form becomes visible around her during battle. Her attacks unleash its true power, carrying far more weight, reach, and strength than her diminutive form suggests.

These great spirits were not always noble beasts. Celinka's true form is that of the Gaki, a ravenous beast that devours anything and everything, hungering most desperately for lost human souls. If she were to forget her duty, or were the talisman binding her to break, this terrible beast would be unleashed once again...

Fighting Style

Celinka fights by sealing away cards, removing them from the game. Each time she seals her own cards, she gains additional power. Celinka's transformations allow her to capture opponents' cards as well, cutting off opponent's options while increasing her own power. By carefully building up and attacking, Celinka can quickly filter her deck and get the cards she needs to drive a dangerous attack.

Once she transforms to become the Gaki, Celinka's appetite for cards becomes even more deadly. Her power grows the more cards she manages to seal, and any cards she would discard are sealed immediately. This puts a hard limit on the amount of time left in the game, while at the same time increasing Celinka's power severely–driving a far more desperate and deadly style of play.