The World of Seventh Cross, and Transformations in EXCEED!

EXCEED Season 2 is officially funded! If you haven't checked it out yet, I encourage you to check out the Kickstarter Page and get involved! This will be the first chance to see the heroes and villains of Seventh Cross come to life!

The World of Seventh Cross

The important thing to know about the world of Seventh Cross is that the monsters were human, once long ago. In their pursuit of power and knowledge, early humans made contact with otherworldly forces. By listening to the secrets whispered from beyond, they could tap into untold power.

But that same power corrupted their souls–warping them into something inhuman. This otherworldly corruption became known as Anathema, and those consumed by it were transformed into fearsome creatures with unspeakable powers. 


In the modern era, an enigmatic organization known as 'The Church' holds power and protects humanity from the influence of dark forces. Ruthlessly suppressing the occult, they have managed to erase all memory of the old, dark ages from history. Stories of monsters and magic are now mere fairy tales told to frighten children.

One of thirteen Church departments, Seventh Cross is the division of the Inquisition. Inquisitors work in secret to find humans who have become corrupted by anathema, destroying them or the monsters they become before they can wreck havoc on the world at large.

However, mere proximity to anathema is enough to become infected by its curse, and Inquisitors are as much at risk of dying in battle as becoming one of the things they hunt–especially once they begin to reach the limits of their human strength in their impossible task...


For this section, I'll assume that fans already know the basic mechanics of EXCEED. If you're new to the game though, check out one of the tutorial videos on the front page, or the print-and-play edition, to get a better idea of how basic play works.

In every season of EXCEED, we plan to introduce a new mechanic that brings unique flavor to the game. To bring this theme of corruption and transformation to the forefront, we've introduced Transformations.


Most cards in EXCEED have an Attack and a Boost printed on them. Each of the fighters in Season 2 has the Boost area of some Special Attacks replaced with a Transform Area. The Transformation provides a permanent ability to your character that lasts for the rest of the game–if you can put it into play.

There are two ways to get a Transformation into play. The most common way is to hit an enemy with the attack on the card. This means that Seventh Cross Fighters are not only interested in landing hits, but in landing specific kinds of hits over the course of the game.

The other option is to play a Transformation directly from your hand. If a player has both copies of an attack card, they can put the Transformation directly into play by discarding the second copy. This is a safer way to use Transformations, during matchups where using certain attacks might be too risky.

A fighter can only have one copy of each Transformation in play. In addition to this, each Transformation reduces the cost of a Fighter's EXCEED Mode by two Gauge.

Thanks for checking out this preview of the game! I look forward to bringing you more updates soon!