Character Intro: Galdred

Greetings and welcome to the weekly Seventh Cross Character Preview! In this series, I'll introduce a character's backstory and play style in the upcoming season of EXCEED! Read along and get to know the heroes and villains of this new world!

"The power I've been seeking is almost within my grasp…"

When the ancient scholars of the Enlightened Society looked within the Pandoran Box–an artifact from another world–they discovered secrets beyond imagination. But these secrets awoke something dark within them as well. For some within the society, the darkness they discovered became a source of perverse fascination, and they delved into madness in an endless search for its source.

It was this obsession that allowed the Dark Many to take hold, birthing monsters of nightmare into the world of men. These monsters were subdued by the First Empire, and then the empire was overthrown by the Church. Yet still, the ancient order of the Enlightened Society works in secret, its remaining members hiding within religion, government, and even the Church itself.

Though he serves the Church as an alchemist, Galdred's real goal is to unlock the mysteries of the monsters they fight–and to  harness that power for himself...

Fighting Style

Galdred has a unique fighting style, providing him with both endless and limited resources. Every round, his hand size becomes three, regardless of how many cards he has used or not used during the round. This ability lets him act without the normal restrictions that moving and attacking have on a fighter's tempo.

When he unleashes the Beast Within, Galdred gains access to a deadly end-game power. His EXCEED Mode comes printed with its own attack–an attack that he can use over and over again, and which grows stronger the fewer cards he has in hand. Combined with the benefits of his many transformations, the Beast's unstoppable frenzy can quickly end an unprepared opponent.