Character Intro: D'Janette

Greetings and welcome to the weekly Seventh Cross Character Preview! In this series, I'll introduce a character's backstory and play style in the upcoming season of EXCEED! Read along and get to know the heroes and villains of this new world!

"Every knee shall bow before the power and majesty of the First Empire!"

In ancient times, monsters roamed the lands, preying upon humans. Fear and chaos reigned, until the rise of the First Empire.

In exchange for the power to drive back these monsters, the First Emperor pledged himself to a demonic bride, and spawned a line of successively more decadent and bloodthirsty empresses touched by dark magic. While humans were able to drive back the creatures of darkness with their newfound magic, they now found themselves under a new oppression.

The First Empire was overthrown by the Church in ages past, but the heirs to its throne are still revered in secret circles, and their empress works tirelessly to overthrow the work of Church and restore the glory of her birthright.


Fighting Style

D'Janette is a control fighter who is able to plant attacks around the board, activating them on later turns like traps. Her ability to control the entire board at once makes her incredibly dangerous once she has set up her spells. 

When she transforms to become the Devil's Own, her secret plots come to light. Cards that were hidden as traps turn face-up, becoming constant boosts to her abilities and providing her with spells that she can cast over and over during her turns.