January 2017 - BattleCON Fan Art Contest Gallery

This January, we held a World of Indines fan art contest and accepted entries from around the world from fan artists. We received some incredibly well-done and creative pieces! Here's a showcase of our top 6, highlighting our grand prize winner and five runners-up. Congratulations!

This month, we are running a short-story contest, and there's still still time to get involved!

Without further ado, enjoy the art!

Grand Prize - Voodoo Tanis

by Jessica Malcolm

Jessica's piece illustrates technical skill with special effects, coloring, shading, and texturing, as well as refined personal artistic style. It's also a very creative take on a favorite character, though that was certainly true for all of our winners!

In no particular order, our five runners-up!

Runner Up - My Little Marmelee

by Mikhail Kurov

Runner Up - Cage Match Jager

by Matt T.

Runner Up - Alumis, dressed to kill

by Matthew Clark

Runner Up - Trainer Jager

by Stephanie Dawson

Runner Up - pocket Summoner Lesandra

by KatrinaCara

Runner Up - Classic Burgundy

by Quinn Washburn

Each of these entries were very creative, and showed us sides of the world of Indines that we had not seen before! It was a lot of fun to receive entries and judge the competition! Thanks so much to everyone who entered and sent us their work!

See you for the next contest! :D