Announcing EXCEED: Season 2 - Featuring Seventh Cross!

We're excited to announce that Season 2 of EXCEED will be coming soon to Kickstarter!

EXCEED is a new generation of tabletop fighting card game with fast-paced, intuitive mechanics and gameplay, accessible to gamers and non-gamers of all skill levels. 

Season 2 features the heroes and villains of our upcoming adventure game, Seventh Cross. Seventh Cross is a macabre/horror setting, in which hunters from the enigmatic Church fight to keep order in a world that parallels the 1920's era of our own. In this world, the darkness within humans' souls can transform them into monsters. Society at large is oblivious to the secret, centuries-old war to control this power which still wages in the shadows. Each individual in Seventh Cross boasts a darker, monstrous nature, which they can tap into in order to gain power.

Here's an early look at the roster! Look out for more in-depth previews in the weeks to come, as well as some explanations of new mechanics in this season!