Deciding Discards: Increasing Win Rates Before the Game Even Starts!

Hey, everyone! Welcome to our new piece of Daily Content! Every Tuesday, we will be releasing articles about our games! These can range from simple things like analyzing the base pentagon in BattleCON to complex card counting in EXCEED. This week, we have a NEW BattleCON Guide from Marco!

To start this article, I'd like to show you two Cadenza attack pairs:

Clockwork Grasp.png
Battery Dodge.png

If you're anything like me, you've probably seen these two attack pairs quite a few times. For those wondering, these two are Cadenza's Default Discards. This means that, by default, these are the styles and bases that populate Cadenza's Discard Piles at the start of the game. This article is going to explain why these Default Discards are lowering your win rate.

Default Discards Explained

Grasp thing.png

In order to properly explain why this is the case, it is important that we're on the same page. Discard Piles are BattleCON's built-in system that essentially places every attack pair into a 2-beat cooldown. This prevents you from repeatedly spamming the same attack over and over again. Naturally, this means that 2 attack pairs have to populate your Discard Piles at the start of the game.

Should you be new to the game, these 2 attack pairs are often determined by placing the Styles and Bases with the "Discard Numbers" in the lower right corner. The discards formed by following these numbers are what we call the "Default Discards." Now that that's out of the way, let us explore why following these numbers is not exactly ideal and why you should be picking your own discards ASAP!

Discarded Dodge

As clearly depicted at the start of this article, the Default Discards place Dodge squarely into Discard 1. This means that it will return to your hand after 2 beats! While this may seem pretty harmless at first, this is actually a large reason why the Default Discards are actively ruining your win rate.

Notice that Discard Pile 1 contains the Newest Attack.

Notice that Discard Pile 1 contains the Newest Attack.

Dodge is, without a doubt, one of the game's most powerful cards. While it doesn't necessarily deal damage, the advantages it can give you are astronomical. Understanding these advantages is key to figuring out what's so wrong about placing your Dodge into Discard 1.


First, Dodge serves as a "get out of jail free" card in almost every single scenario. This lets you evade possibly catastrophic attacks from your opponent. Now, I bet you're wondering "Why would I Dodge on the first beat of the game?" Well, the answer to that is quite simple: because some characters have scary attacks. Many characters in BattleCON have easy access to devastating attacks that require little to no set-up. These are your Clockwork Shots or Geomantic Drives. It's these kinds of attacks that you need to be careful of and they are the reason you need to make sure you have access to Dodge even on Beat 1.

Second, the possibility of Dodge makes opponents play more defensively. This may sound weird, but hear me out: the fact that you can Dodge means that opponents will play less aggressively. It doesn't take a lot of thought to realize why this is the case. Opponents want to save their big attacks for when they're sure it will hit. If they know you can simply Dodge out of their good attacks, they're much less likely to play said attacks. This gives you a lot more breathing room in the early game, which can be crucial for getting those game-winning set-ups!

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Dodge offers you a lot of versatility, movement, and defensive options that I could also list here, but these two I mentioned are some of the most crucial advantages. Needless to say, the way to increase your win rate significantly is to make sure that you have Dodge on Beat 1. However, that's not all you can do to better your chances.

Where's my Clockwork At?


Any Cadenza player worth their salt knows that Clockwork is one of his best styles, if not his best style. It's safe, it deals a lot of damage, is hard to clash, and makes opponents quake in their boots. Many players will, then, be confused by the fact that the Default Discards make you put Clockwork into Discard 2.

The Default Discards can sometimes place your most powerful cards into your Discard pile at the start of the game. While this is not exactly true for most characters, it can be crucial for others. Some examples of this include Khadath's Evacuation, Hepzibah's Anathema, Rukyuk's Point Blank, and so much more.

While I can't exactly explain why this is the case, I can definitely tell you that it would help you a lot to look at your Discarded styles and make sure that none of your power styles are in there.

Don't Forget Your Force Special Action


The addition of the new Force Gauge rule set gives players many more options during the ante phase. However, did you know that it also gives you a ton of options when selecting your starting discards?

While Force Gauge introduces the Force Antes, it also introduces the Force Special Action. This is different from the old Special Action in a multitude of ways. However, for this article, the only important difference is this: the Force Special Action can be "set" as a style. This means that you can put it in your Starting Discards!

Doing this affords you a few advantages, but the biggest one is that you will have access to FOUR styles on Beat 1, as opposed to the standard of 3. It doesn't take an expert to see how powerful this is. Where you would usually only have 15 options (3 styles x 5 bases), you now have 20 options (4 styles x 5 bases). This effectively gives you 33% more options! That's basically INSANE and will probably increase your win rate, especially against opponents who don't put Force Special Action into their starting Discards. To take advantage of this even more, you can put Force Special Action into your Discard 1, meaning that you'll guarantee yourself 4 styles for the first two beats!


To summarize, the Default Discards were decided in a time when BattleCON's meta was not fully-formed yet. We didn't know that Dodge/Dash was one of the game's best plays and we didn't have the Force Special Action yet. While they allow newbies to get into the game quickly, any player with 5 games under their belt will benefit heavily by simply picking their own discards! Use this information and increase your win rate before the game even starts!

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