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Welcome to the Rukyuk In-Depth Guide. In this guide, you'll learn all you need to learn about Indines' resident gunner! Note that this guide is NOT a substitute for experience. It's always better to go out there and play some games!

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Marco is a veteran BattleCON player and has been playing for 5 years. He has over 300 games under his belt and has authored, recorded, and produced a 50-episode video guide series called BattleGUIDES, where he explores the potential of nearly every BattleCON character in existence!

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Rukyuk tends to do very well against primarily melee opponents like Eustace, who have a hard time fighting at Rukyuk's preferred range. On the other hand, characters who can fight at these ranges, but do not have the appropriate mobility and stats to keep up, such as Byron, tend to struggle against him.

    Rukyuk primarily struggles against melee tanks who have multiple ways of bridging the gap, such as Alexian. These tanks often have many tools that mitigate Rukyuk's range advantage while also advancing. Plus, a single mistake on Rukyuk's end tends to lead into a huge amount of damage taken. On the other hand, highly agile characters like Karin and Jager heavily limit Rukyuk's ability to establish range, which makes things awkward for him.


      Rukyuk is a mobile ranger who dances around opponents and peppers them with shots from afar. His Custom Ammo Tokens offer him a large amount of versatility, but also limit his ability to fight as well. Rukyuk often has to spend a Beat repositioning himself with Dodge or Reload as his ranges can be awkward.

      Simple Tips

      1. Don't forget to ante your ammo tokens. You won't hit otherwise!
      2. Reloading is VERY important. Sniper, Crossfire, Switch, and Trick all make for good Reload pairs. Look at the situation and adapt accordingly.
      3. Rukyuk may be a ranger, but his moves often force him to move. You can't stay at one range for long, so plan ahead with this in mind.
      4. Pick your ammo wisely. Certain match-ups become easier when you use the right ammo. AP and Flash tokens do wonders against heavies, for example.


      1. Highly mobile and can easily establish range.
      2. Has a ton of tools to deal with almost any situation.
      3. Very hard to card-lock due to having a "second Dodge" in the form of Reload.


      1. Positioning is vital to his success. Without it, he struggles to even hit.
      2. Token management is important as well. Reloading at the wrong times can be catastrophic.
      3. Rukyuk has a lot of minimum range on his cards. If both his Dodge and Reload are down, he's in for a world of hurt.

      Role on the Team

      Rukyuk's biggest power comes from his ability to stomp immobile melee characters. Adding him onto a team is less a question of what one wants to do, and more of a question of what opponents want to do. If you're expecting opponents to run immobile melee characters or poorly-statted "tricksters," Rukyuk can be a great choice to counter them.

      That being said, this gunner isn't exactly strong enough to warrant a spot on just about any team. He has to be supported by characters who can decently handle tanks and mobile fighters.

      Card Analysis

      Unique Ability

      Rukyuk's Unique Ability is his Custom Ammo Tokens. Each of these Tokens is quite powerful. However, not all Tokens are made equal. Rukyuk gets a lot of mileage from his Swift, Longshot, and Impact shells. These tend to allow him to pull-off some great attacks and set-up for even more. His Explosive shell also allows him to deal a ton of damage, especially when paired with the right cards. Regardless, every one of these Tokens has a use. Assess the situation and use the right ammo for the job!



      Crossfire serves two purposes: offense and defense. Its On Hit effect effectively turns it into a Power +2 style, while its Soak 2 more than makes up for its awkward range and distinct lack of Priority.  This combination of stats makes Crossfire useful whether you're attacking or taking damage. Aside from this, the Force Gauge system gives Rukyuk access to Stun Guard 2 on demand, giving this style Magical Stun Guard whenever it's needed.

      Once you've positioned yourself properly, Crossfire becomes Rukyuk's easy way of cashing out damage. At range 4+, Crossfire with Longshot or Explosive ante can completely ruin an opponent's day. On the other hand, the low Priority and Soak 2 make it a great pair with Dodge and Reload, making both of these crucial positioning cards much safer against clashes.

      This Style pairs really well with Shot and Strike. Both these bases take advantage of the low Priority, Soak, and extra damage very well. The key difference is the range. Shot is definitely the safer option as it provides decent hit confirm. However, should Rukyuk need to pile on the damage, Strike can lead to a pay-out beat of a whopping 9 damage!



      This style has seen better days. It recently took a nerf to its Power and Priority in the War: Remastered print, but it's still pretty good. Gunner is all about hit confirm and set-up. When played with a Longshot ante, Gunner turns every single one of Rukyuk's moves into a full-board attack. This is quite useful for catching highly mobile opponents. On the other hand, Gunner's After Activating movement is both a boon and a curse. While it can force you out of a favorable position, it can also allow you to dodge dangerous attacks and set-up for the next beat. Because of this, be cautious when throwing out Gunner.

      Without a doubt, this style pairs excellently with low-range bases like Grasp and Strike. Gunner Grasp (ante Swift) is actually one of Rukyuk's best Beat 1 attacks as it can result in a Range 5 set-up on Beat 2. However, Gunner's quite flexible and serves a different purpose when paired with Strike. Gunner's Strike is one of Rukyuk's best execution moves. The full board range, high power, and decent Priority make it great at killing low-health foes.

      Point Blank.png

      Point Blank

      Before we go any further, it is important that you do this: never go for default discards. Point Blank is designated as the style for Default Discard 2. This is, without a doubt, a big mistake. Point Blank is arguably one of Rukyuk's most important styles because it's his only style which does not have minimum range. This means that, in melee, Point Blank is his go-to style. On top of this, the On Damage effect works wonders for getting opponents off of you.

      Key to understanding Point Blank's power is noticing its stats. It not only boasts a Range +0~1, it also has Stun Guard and Priority 0. This style only has positive stats, making it great when paired with the buffs from Rukyuk's Custom Ammo Tokens. Against many characters, Point Blank can cover and counter many attacks with a simple Force Gauge Stun Guard 2 ante.

      Without a doubt, Point Blank pairs well with slow attacks like Shot and Strike. Use the style's naturally decent stats to adapt your base to the situation. For example, a Longshot ante makes Point Blank Strike a Range 0~3 attack, which can catch Bursting opponents. However, more than these, Point Blank also pairs amazingly with Drive. Using Drive's Advance effect to switch sides with the opponent can easily allow you to corner them and set-up for guaranteed kill scenarios.



      Speaking of guaranteed kills, Trick is THE style for doing just that. What it lacks in Power and Priority is easily made-up for by its amazing text: Stun Immunity. While this might seem like an odd style, it actually offers Rukyuk a variety of cool options that can result in unexpected scenarios. Hence, its name.

      While Trick is often paired with Longshot to form a Range 1~4 attack with Stun Immunity. When in the Corner, this gives Rook access to a nearly unclashable, undodgeable, unstunnable execute that deals 3 damage (4 with FG Power +1). However, that's not the only thing it can do. Trick can also be used to ensure that Rukyuk gets the After Activating effect from Reload. While this might seem counter-intuitive, the guaranteed teleport is often more than worth if for Rukyuk.

      It goes without saying that Trick pairs well with Strike and Shot, giving Rukyuk access to those guaranteed executes. However, Trick Dodge and Trick Reload should not be ignored as they are some of the safest "dodges" in the game.



      This style has undergone quite a bit of changes as well. Now less awkward, but less powerful, Sniper can be used as a decently-fast style that hits at long range. However, its biggest value is found in its After Activating effect. This is yet another "dodge" effect in Rukyul's arsenal, making him one of the most elusive and mobile characters in the game.

      When you're not planning to use it as "dodge," Sniper can be very useful for its Priority alone. Priority +2 is no joke. Pairing Sniper with Reload gives Rukyuk access to a Priority 6 teleport. Should he need to be even faster, anteing Swift shell on top of that gives him a Priority 8 teleport to escape nearly any situation.

      Needless to say, Sniper goes extremely well with Strike and Grasp when you're at the right range. On the other hand, Sniper pretty much always pairs amazingly with Reload and Dodge. This is especially true for Dodge as Sniper not only makes it less clashable, it also effectively turns Dodge into a full-board teleport!



      Rukyuk's unique base is a mandatory "evil." You don't necessarily want to be playing it because it does "nothing," but it regains you all your Ammo, which is important if you want to actually hit things. However, don't let this surface-level analysis fool you. Reload is a GREAT base.

      This is the main reason why opponents with poor range tend to struggle against Rukyuk. With Dodge, Sniper, and Reload in his kit, he can easily see the opponent's attack and dodge just outside of their range. Rukyuk's ability to dodge attacks is unparalleled and Reload contributes to that immensely. However, be wary of Shots that can still catch you.

      Reload, amazingly, pairs well with almost every single on of Rukyuk's styles. A few special mentions are Trick and Sniper for guaranteeing the teleport.


      Force Special Action

      Force Gauge introduces the Force Special Action, which can be played as an effective "blank" style. While this might seem underwhelming for many characters, this actually proves to be a huge buff for Rukyuk. Where most people see a "blank" style, Rukyuk sees another style without awkward range. This gives him yet another way to hit opponents in melee, which makes card locking Rukyuk that much harder.

      Fully Automatic.png
      Force Grenade.png

      Fully Automatic is the Finisher of choice when up against immobile opponents.If Rukyuk sets it up right, he can easily deal over 12 damage with this attack, making it a great comeback tool. Unlike the previous version, this Fully Automatic does fine against soak. However, it pays for it by eating all your Ammo. If you don't kill the opponent, you'll be a sitting duck for the next few beats until you Reload!

      Force Grenade covers Rukyuk's weaknesses pretty well. It can hit even if you don't ante an Ammo Token, making it the only way for him to attack when out of ammo. It's also a melee attack, which can prove to be useful when Point Blank is down. Finally, it also lets you establish maximum range if it connects. A great finisher. It's only limited by its middling stats. It takes some work to pull off.


      Content/Editing - Marco De Santos