Character of the Week: Shur Wen Na

Welcome to the Character of the Week! Every Monday, we'll be giving you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, our Character of the Week is Shur Wen Na!



Shur is a Chinese fashion blogger and small-time internet celebrity. While many may recognize her for her blogs, she's more well-known for her competitive nature. Not one to back down from a fight, Shur Wen Na aims to win at everything she does and that includes playing Millennium Blades!

Shur, much like most Millennium Blades characters, is meant to embody a specific type of CCG player. In this case, it's the hardcore tournament player. Shur is the type of person who will do everything in her power to win a tournament; even trash talk to get into her opponent's head. Appropriately, many of Shur's powers focus on the Tournament phase.

Also, her name is a pun on "Sure Winner."


Shur is a tournament-focused character who gains most of her points by winning championships. Her Deckbuilding powers might not be the best, but they help her achieve her ultimate goal: VICTORY!

Armed to the Teeth


Playing Millennium Blades is like going to war. It's very important that you come prepared. Shur's Deckbuilding power allows her to do just that. Her ability to bring 2 extra singles to the tournament allows her to bring in tech-cards that can possibly counter opponent strategies without compromising her own game-plan! Aside from this, her other Deckbuilding power allows her to take a card from the aftermarket for free. Use this to nab a key card for your deck, or simply use it to generate a few bucks to buy more packs with.




A Good Offense is a Great Defense


Shur's Tournament Power allows her to pay cash to possibly change the outcome of a Clash. While this might not seem that powerful at first, it gives Shur a clear advantage when clashing with opponents. This works in two ways. First, it means that Shur can build Clash-heavy decks more easily than most opponents. Second, it means that opponents will think twice about attempting to Clash you. Use this to your advantage and overwhelm your foes!

Wombo Combos


However, many will argue that Shur's biggest advantage is her other Tournament Power: she can play an extra single during Tournaments. This affords Shur a ton of advantages. Specifically, it allows her to pull-off combos that normally would be hard to do. That extra card slot works wonders for making big win cards like Exaltius work. However, a more subtle advantage is the fact that this extra card means that Shur almost always gets to play the last card during the tournament. This is great as opponents will not be able to interfere with Shur's final card (because they can't play any more cards). Use these to form giant combos that seem unstoppable!



Lore Section - Paraphrased by Marco De Santos from Brad Talton
Game-play Section - Marco De Santos