Community Showcase: Argent Candidate Contest WINNERS!


Welcome back to the community showcase, everyone! This a few weeks ago, we asked fans to submit their own fan-made Argent Candidates. Four winners will make it out with some store credit. The grand prize winner will not only walk away with MORE store credit, but we even drafted an argent Candidate board for them!

Runner Ups

To see what these candidates are all about, simply click the buttons above to download the characters and read more about them!


Grand Prize Winner



"Albert is an Anti-Seer, a Negative Oracle, a teller of Fortunes that Will Never Be. Since the age of 6, he has had frequent, uncontrollable visions, not one of which has ever come to pass. A magical oddity, he was brought to the University as a young man by the Department Of Mysticism so they could study his remarkable gift. His powers have proven surprisingly useful over the years. As his abilities matured, he has advanced from an object of study to the founder of a new discipline within the School of Seeing: Uchronia, the seeing of what shall not come to pass."

This Mysticism candidate has a unique mechanic: he can see Voters that AREN'T on the board. It's like having REVERSE marks. This means that, while everyone else know what things to go for, Albert usually knows the opposite; that is: what NOT to go for. This simple mechanic flips the game's dynamic around in such an elegant manner and that's why this wins our grand prize!


That does it for this community showcase! Tune in again next time for more awesome Level 99 Games Submissions! Again, congratulations to all our winners!