Character of the Week: Clive

Welcome to the Character of the Week! Every Monday, we'll be giving you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, our Character of the Week is Clive Melmont!



"You might wanna take over!"


In a terrible disaster a few years prior, the Melmont family's estate was consumed in a huge fire. Clive was the only survivor and was gravely injured. It was the royal historian and famous hero Luc Von Gott who built a robotic body for Clive, transferring the boy's consciousness to it and saving his life with the help of the eminent mystic Ezokoi Zook. Clive now follows Luc on his adventures, inventing new and incredible machines of his own and learning from his master about what it means to be a hero.

Clive utilizes a wide variety of gadgets and tricks in combat. His tools provide him with handy temporary bonuses, which he can leverage for utility during battle and constantly vary his play style.

10 Facts about Clive

  1. Clive’s family was actually very rich. Though they lost many possessions in the fire, Clive has actually inherited a generous sum of money.
  2. The thing Clive likes least about being a robot is that he can’t eat his favorite foods anymore.
  3. The thing he likes the most about being a robot is that he doesn’t have a bedtime.
  4. Clive is a natural talent at aeronautics, and has built a few small airships himself.
  5. He has a bunch of friends his own age, and even though he’s now a full fledged apprentice under Luc, he still finds time to go out and play with them. Being a robot has made him much better at baseball, and much worse at dodgeball.
  6. He keeps up an optimistic demeanor, but he is still very distraught emotionally about the deaths of his parents.
  7. His parents were close friends of Luc’s.
  8. He is a direct descendant of Servi of Relecour.
  9. He’s jealous of all of ARIA’s cooler gadgets.
  10. When he grows up, he would like to join the Planestalkers.


Clive is a ranger with a surprising amount of melee options. His mods have a series of effects that offer him stat boosts and triggered effects, which can be activated one at a time during the ante phase. However, at any point he becomes stunned, any modules active will be removed from the game.

Building Up

Power up!

Power up!

Module management and planning is vital to playing effectively. Clive builds up modules fast without cost in exchange for losing them for good if he is stunned. It is hard for him to catch up once he loses his important modules. Keeping your plays safe is important to staying ahead as Clive. Using Strike and activating Barrier Chip first thing guarantees you to keep your modules safe with careful play. Keep in mind that you don't need to activate a mod every single turn. Think about if it's worth activating. Otherwise, you risk making your play worse, not better.

Each mod has a different purpose for varied match-ups, making him flexible and incredibly powerful once you build momentum. Stick with Atomic Reactor, Synapse Boost, and Barrier Chip as your core modules. Others are better suited for match-ups that need it. For instance, if dealing against a ranger like Ryukyuk, Rocket Boots or Extending Arms would be ideal to keep yourself close, and have an easier time not getting hit by him. If your opponent is strong in melee, Then activate Afterburner to keep your distance. Auto-Repair is rarely used, and it deactivates at the end of turn. It should only be used once you're set with your active mods.

Defensive Systems

Help maintain the systems!

Help maintain the systems!

To keep your modules safe, have a steady rotation of Strike and Shot with your base.  Having Barrier Chip activated along with using Shot will give you the ideal amount of stun guard.  Megaton provides a fantastic get-away tool when you need to back off from the opponent as they get pushed to the end of the board. Pairing this with Shot will make it harder for your opponent to stun you and keeps you at a safe distance from getting it. This can also be paired up with Drive for getting hit confirm and speed.

Upgradeable is a style, I guess. Wrench allows to hit really hard and keeps his mods safe. Use it wisely because the base stats aren't good. If you know you're going to get stunned, use that unique base to save your mods. Remember, you can still get stunned even if you're the active player. Pairing this style with Wrench will deal loads of damage from the amount of active modules you have. Using Rocket Wrench gives it loads of good stats without losing anything.

Ranged Capabilities

fan art by Jessica Malcolm

fan art by Jessica Malcolm

Despite the fact that the game classifies Clive as a brawler, Clive is a ranger with a wider-and-average array of options in melee, backing away for safety and occasionally charging in to land a powerful hit and backing away again.

Leaping is an amazing style, with solid stats and a tool for closing gaps between you and the opponent. Pair this with either Grasp for hit confirm, or Strike to dish out loads of damage, specially if you advance exactly three spaces. Rocket Strike is also an excellent opening because it lets you retreat in the range you're comfortable with, while being sturdy as you deal solid damage to the opponent.

You can also follow Rocket with Burst from Melee range, using the Start of Beat from Burst to move extra spaces, putting you within range to hit.

Summary and Discards

1. Fast build-up, and hard to take down.
2. Has his own Stun Guard rotation.
3. Well-rounded stat line.

1. Losing modules makes it hard to catch up.
2. Mid-range styles are awkward to deal with if not used wisely.
3. Many modules are very situational.

1. Special Wrench
2. Burnout Drive

Video Guide

CLICK HERE if you want to watch Clive's BattleGUIDES video.


Lore Section - Brad Talton Jr.
Game-play Section - Kat (Jessica Malcolm)

Editing - Marco De Santos