Character of the Week: Fulton Suitcase

Welcome to the Character of the Week! Every Monday, we'll be giving you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, our Character of the Week is Fulton Suitcase!


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Fulton is a Norwegian Investor who entered the world of Millennium Blades with one goal: make money. Fulton was no stranger to the stock market and he was not surprised to see that the aftermarket for Millennium Blades cards functioned in a very similar fashion. Armed with his suitcase filled with cards and cash, Fulton sets forth, looking for rare and powerful cards to buy and, hopefully, sell for a profit.

Fulton acts very flamboyantly, often confident and not afraid to make his wealth known. The character, much like many Millennium Blades characters, is based on a certain CCG player archetype. In Fulton's case, he was meant to represent the aftermarket profiteer; someone who plays the game to make a profit selling singles to other players. This fact is well-represented in his game-play.



Fulton is a money-based character who uses his large pool of cash to take the lead during the Deckbuilding Phase. While his Tournament powers might be lacking, he often makes up for it by making huge collections and scoring by banking cash.

Money Makes the Man

All of Fulton's abilities revolve around money. His Deckbuilding Powers not only give him 50% more starting money during each phase, it also allows him to pay money to take a peek at face-down store cards. These two together allow Fulton to be save a lot of money. This is especially true for his peek ability, as it lets him avoid buying horrible boosters that he does not need. Fulton needs to maximize these two advantages as scoring VP through cash is one of his primary win conditions.


Commit to a Card


Fulton's Tournament powers allow him to buff a card's star rating by paying cash. Not only this, but Fulton also gains a small amount of RP during scoring by having the highest-star card on the board. This means that Fulton is encouraged to build his deck around a big card with a high star value. Search the store for powerful cards using your peek ability, then buy them as soon as possible. Should this not suffice, use your giant cash pool to just buy a lot of boosters; just don't spend too much of your money on it.




Tournaments aren't Everything

Fulton 4.png

Fulton is not the most tournament-ready character, as his Tournament powers tend to offer less points compared to the more Tournament-focused characters like Shur. With this in mind, concentrate a lot more on the Deckbuilding phase. Make sure to use your powers to make a large amount of money while building a collection. Sometimes, being tournament champion isn't the most likely path to victory.




Lore Section - Paraphrased by Marco De Santos from Brad Talton
Game-play Section - Marco De Santos