Character of the Week: Eligor

Welcome to the Character of the Week! Every Monday, we'll be giving you insights on a specific character. Think of this as a primer for everything about a character from one of our games. From lore to game-play, you'll find most of what you need to know here! For this week, our Character of the Week is Eligor Larington!



The Templars are a wandering order of monk-knights who keep peace and dispatch monsters within the borders of Jeffreys. Eligor has been serving his duty to the common folk of the realm for three years now, but as the times of peace draw to an end, he is searching desperately for some great task to make a name for himself. The inheritor of the legendary sword of Saint Kelbran, Eligor's soul is one of pride and unrest. While his duty is to the people of Jeffreys, his real interest is in making a name for himself by striking down some great monster or performing some epic quest. When Runika Zenanen asked for volunteers to aid her against the Dragon Queen, Eligor alone stepped forward and accepted the errand, despite its impossible odds.

Plot beyond Devastation

With his great adventures finished, the reality of the world has tempered Eligor's proud soul with a real sense of duty. After defeating the Dragon Queen and protecting the world from the plots of the daemons during the events of Devastation, Eligor is promoted to high templar by King Alexian. Despite the fame and prestige of the position, Eligor is restless for more adventure. He joins up with the Champions of Indines on and off, while fighting alongside princess Merjoram Alexian as one of her royal guard. Already a legendary hero in his own time, he searches out new challenges in the defense of his homeland and the pursuit of justice.

10 Facts about Eligor

  1. Eligor was born out of wedlock, and his mother, Magdelina’s aunt, was still very young at the time. She left him in the care of the Kerhault Monastery as a baby.
  2. He grew up under the tutelage of the monks, and decided to join the order of the templars when he came of age, desiring to become a hero in the style of the old heroes of the Grand Chronicle.
  3. He received his Red Lion Crest from King Alexian XXXVII for killing Daill “Black Dog” Tredge, a notorious rogue mage who terrorized cities in the eastern portion of Jeffreys with shadow and lightning magic.
  4. The prayer beads he carries are made from Shorec Wood, and monks often pray with them when seeking temperance and endurance through hardship. These are a relic of his upbringing in a monastery, not a standard tool for templars.
  5. His hair is naturally platinum blonde, like his cousin Magdelina’s.
  6. He has no idea who his father was. He knows his mother, Brynne, but she and Eligor are not particularly close, and she hasn’t said anything to Eligor about his father.
  7. The three dots on his forehead are consecration marks tattooed there in a ceremony when he was ten. They are a common sign for monks of Ka-Shin.
  8. His patron deity is Ka-Shin, the goddess of Light, Justice, and Judgment.
  9. He is extremely distrustful of mercenaries and other sorts of career soldiers. He joined the Jeffrian irregulars out of desperation for the opportunity to make a name for himself in battle, but would normally not consider such a path.
  10. He is allergic to Trussas.



Eligor is a reactive fighter with powerful trading abilities. Using precise decision-making, he is able to elegantly counter his opponent's strikes and deal significant damage in return! However, he lacks the intense defensive prowess of many other heavyweights, making him harder to use than your typical bruiser.

Slow and Steady

You have to take it slow.

You have to take it slow.

As a Templar, Eligor often has to wait for his opponents to make the first strike. What kind of man of the law would assault someone who has done no harm? This translates directly into Eligor's game-play as a large majority of his effects only resolve if he is the slower fighter. Styles such as Retribution and Martial offer Eligor effects that seem completely unfair. However, these styles only offer their powerful bonuses if Eligor is hit before performing his attack.

It is, therefore, important to keep your priority in-mind when playing Eligor, especially because he is not particularly slow. Be mindful of which bases you use as going second is not a guarantee and one slip-up could result in Eligor failing to make use of any of his powerful effects.

Precision is Key

Right place. Right time.

Right place. Right time.

This focus on careful priority management gives us a glimpse into Eligor's play-style as a whole: precision. While a heavily-armored man wielding a long sword hardly screams "precise," a large number of Eligor's game-plan revolves around careful thinking and resource management. This is clearly seen in his Counter style, which allows him to stun an opponent that plays the same base as him. Combine that with movement-negating effects from the likes of Vengeful and one can clearly see that there's much more to Eligor than just hitting things with his sword.

Vital to this precision-based game-plan is Eligor's reliance on his Unique Ability, which is his primary source of defense. For a reactive fighter, Eligor is sorely lacking in defensive stats. This is because his Vengeance Tokens give him all the defense he'll ever need. This, however, comes at the cost of having to carefully manage his Tokens lest he find himself severely lacking in resources should the need arise. As with any Token-based character, careful Token management becomes key to his success.

But Still; Hit Things

He may be elegant, but it's STILL a big sword.

He may be elegant, but it's STILL a big sword.

All of this isn't to say that Eligor doesn't like to fight. In fact, it's the complete opposite. This Templar is one of the game's most efficient fighters; largely due to his enviable power spread. With nearly every card at a Power +1, Eligor often dishes out more damage than he takes, resulting in what BattleCON players call "positive trades." This phrase is one that Eligor players will have to remember, as he is a character built to create and capitalize on it.

Nowhere is this more evident than his Unique Base: Aegis. Not only does this base ensure that Eligor's Power value will be higher than the opponent's, it also gives Eligor massive trading capabilities with its ability to grant him Soak. Using Aegis, Eligor can eat the mightiest attacks and retaliate with interest!

Summary and Discards


  1. One of the game's best traders.
  2. Precision-based game-play rewards careful planning and good reads.
  3. Access to a full-board hit confirm attack in Retribution.


  1. Relies on being reactive player to be effective.
  2. Over-reliance on Stun Guard means that Ignore Stun Guard decimates him.
  3. Severely lacks range on his styles and relies solely on movement effects to get hits in.


  1. Special Grasp
  2. Counter Strike

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