BattleCON ONLINE coming to STEAM!


About BattleCON Online:

  • Free to Play
  • Open Beta
  • 2 players
  • 15 minute games
  • Status: Open Beta

BattleCON online is a digital version of the deeply strategic card game of the same name.  Pair two cards together to form an attack.  Use unique combinations to out play your opponent. With this card pairing system, characters have tons of move options with just 10 total cards! Choose your fighter from a diverse roster of spell-slinging duelists, tag-teaming werewolves, time-traveling boxers, dimensional knights, and more!


a growing roster of fighters

Fighters will be released regularly in seasons. Free to play fighers will be on a rotation. Players can purchase fighters they wish to own with in-game currency or micro-transactions.

Loads of Features

BattleCON Online gives you all the control of the tabletop edition of BattleCON, with a fully managed digital platform. The game includes animations, voiceovers, alternate costumes, and the latest balance patches and tournament rulesets. You can even watch replays and challenge friends directly!



a Vibrant Community

BattleCON boasts one of the best communities in tabletop gaming, and now in digital gaming as well! Enjoy weekly video tutorials, lively community discussions, fan-organized tournaments, and more by joining our Discord Server!