Argent: The Consortium

The struggle for power, influence, and control in a magical university

Argent is the premiere university of magic, science, and technology in the World of Indines. As a high-ranking staff member in the university, you’ve been pursuing your research, leading your department, and searching for ways to expand your influence. When the university chancellor announces his resignation from the university’s highest office, a consortium of voters assembles to decide who will be the next Chancellor of Argent—the most influential mage in the entire world. This is your chance to seize the power and prestige you’ve been longing for.

The membership of the Consortium is a secret, and when the game begins, you have no idea what criteria they will use in their election of the new chancellor. Over the course of 5 rounds of play, you must leverage your students, your spells, and your resources to discover who the members of the Consortium are and what they are looking for in the election, all the while simultaneously building up your power and trying to fulfill these wishes better than your rivals. Everything comes down to the final vote at the end, when the Consortium is revealed to all and the votes are cast to determine a winner!


Worker Placement with Teeth

Send your apprentice mages into the university to do your bidding. Use deadly magic, powerful artifacts, and your inside connections to manipulate the placement of your opponents' mages and secure the best rewards for yourself!


Espionage & Skulduggery

Send your apprentices to spy on the board of trustees and learn the secret criteria for victory, then set out to secure their votes while sabotaging others. Nothing is certain until the Consortium votes in the final round!


Lead your Department

Control one of 14 different candidates, leading one of seven different departments. Wield powers like Sorcery, Divinity, Natural Magick, and Technomancy in your quest to become the new Chancellor of Argent!

After one game of Argent, my friends and I were captivated by it, talked all day about it, how we could play better, and strategies. It’s a euro that has excellent theme, pulls you in, and makes you feel like you are a part of the world and directly impacting it. Easily one of the best first-game-experiences I’ve ever had playing a euro game!
— Scott "Tox" Morris, Crits Happen
If you like both worker placement games and variable player power games, you are simply going to love this game. It scratches both of those itches vigorously in a way I haven’t experienced before and it was absolutely a highlight of my BGG.con experience. In fact, I backed the game on Kickstarter within an hour of my play.
— Trent Hamm, GamingTrent
A pretty deep game, but a really interesting one... it was really good... it was really really good.
— Board with Life